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Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

Tools for Success

Streamlining your search process to create a better user experience for your customers. With advanced website search tools, you’ll increase conversions and watch sales soar to record heights. Deliver an eCommerce website that leaves customers satisfied and turns your viewers into long-term, loyal customers.

Stimulate Sales Through the use of Advanced Website Search Tools

Time is truly of the essence when trying to convert new customers. Those who visit a site typically only browse for two minutes if they can’t readily locate what they’re actually looking for. Conversely, sites who have an appropriate site search find that as many as three times their visitors convert. Another pro to utilizing advanced website search is that customers who easily find the objects of their desires comply by purchasing them. In other words, they can find more and therefore can buy more.

Finding success in the ebusiness field requires an advanced site search. The better the search tool used, the more profit comes in. As a result, ebusinesses are constantly looking for new and improved search tools.

Innovative Features Work in your Favor

Using state-of-the-art search tools render many ebusiness bonuses.

  • The search process goes faster.
  • Customer shopping experience is improved.
  • Result relevance is boosted greatly.
  • Retailers use tracking tools to determine what people want through their search software, allowing them to increase wanted stock and reduce less desired goods.

While there are several exemplary search site tools available, they don’t all serve each individual website equally. One tool may work quite well for one ebusiness while leaving another one behind. Informatics Commerce has a thorough understanding of these tools, and can eliminate much of the guesswork in finding your perfect site search solution. We can eliminate that stress from your already overloaded shoulders.

Providing Ease-of-Use, Relevance and Outstanding Speed is our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with all of the features to make your site search purr. We at Informatics Commerce are well-versed in this area, and will provide you with the absolute best features for your ebusiness.

One such feature is the Auto Complete function. You’ve likely seen this on search engines before; as you type in your query, suggestions come up. For your site, possible pictures of products would also be visible just a few letters into each search. We also work with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, more simply known as AJAX. This tool is incredibly helpful once a search has been refined. It offers the option to search brands, available sizes, price range and even color.

Streamlining to Encourage Immediate Conversions

It’s common sense, really. By simplifying the search process and urging customer’s quickly to checkout, many consumers are immediately converted. We strive to add all of the necessary features to make the searching, shopping and buying processes as simple as possible. For instance, every search will render results with the option to add the product to the shopper’s cart or to purchase instantly. Customers appreciate the respect of their time, and the ease of the experience.

Effective Promotion is Easy

A huge part of an ebusiness, or any retail business for that matter, includes effective promotion. Commonly, popular searches appear first in search results. Informatics Commerce can absolutely make that happen for you, but it may be that you would like your searches to appear differently. That isn’t a problem. Our system will allow you to maintain constant control of whether your searches appear by date, popularity, price or even brand. This ability makes running effective sales or promoting specific items a breeze.

Let your Search Function Positively Impact your Ebusiness Sense

Informatics Commerce understands the need for you to cater to what people are searching for. After all, you can’t sell specific items if you don’t merchandize said items. To that end, we offer you the ability to integrate analytics tools with your website search. That’s an effective and simplified way to track what items are selling and which ones aren’t. You can also use this information to improve your site. Just ask yourself, what knowledge can you glean from the way top sellers are promoted as compared to less favorable sellers? Additionally, you can check out your average ticket amount as comparatively to your conversion rate. All of this search related information can help you to hone your business sense, and raise your revenue.

Give Customers Search Comfort

Make the search process super easy to encourage customers to use it more. Put your prominent search box right in the middle of things, and put it on every single page. Making customers look for a search box is almost like asking them to leave your business without purchasing a single item.

Informatics Commerce will:

  • Help you determine the most effective location and size of your search box.
  • Minimize scrolling by designing your site with most results showing above the fold where they will be readily viewable.
  • Track how different changes affect your conversion rates through Google Website Optimizer and other multivariate tests.
  • Dig through the results until we find the best solution for your site, and optimize your site accordingly.

The visuals are Important Sellers

Most people are very visual. As such, seeing a nice product picture is appealing to buyers. One huge benefit to having an advanced site search is that visuals pop right up. Furthermore, there are several options drawing the consumer closer to a buying. A lady searching for a blouse might choose to view her possible purchase in her favorite color with the search capabilities that we offer.

Auto Complete not only provides instant pictures of items, but also offers video buttons and mouse-over popups for zooming. Once we’ve discovered what you want we can then use Software as a Service, or SaaS, technology or deliver a customized script for your needs.

The Importance of Mobile Search Capabilities

With the growth of Smartphone usage also comes the growth of shopping from these devices. As a result, Informatics Commerce provides mobile search options, as well. Given a diminished screen size, we recognize the importance of providing highly relevant site searches. It’s simple, really. Customers don’t have the room on these smaller screens to see all of the visuals they could view from a larger device. By providing excellent search results, we still have the opportunity to convert them. Since conversion is the name of our game, we are able to work with your existing mobile site to enhance functionality. We also develop new sites with the same goal in mind.

Site Promotion

Offering specialized coding has a two-fold benefit. It will allow customers to check your site for new products by adding your code into their web browser or search engine, and they’ll be instantly transported to your eCommerce site. The second benefit is that your staff can use this same code to quickly aid customers in finding specific products.

Informatics Commerce understands the importance of using the very best search options. By guiding you to the right advanced site search options, we will effectively and positively affect your consumer’s shopping experience and your profits.

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