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Create a platform that demands results. Increase efficiency and functionality.

B2B commerce demands efficacy. Informatics Commerce understands this, and has responded with the development of a platform geared specifically for this type of ecommerce. Your site will have a completely custom-designed platform that is highly functional and filled with high quality content.

What Is B2B eCommerce?

B2B eCommerce websites create a unique challenge for online businesses. In most cases, companies need to offer unique functionality for their customers online. Some B2B eCommerce websites require:

  • Different price options for different customers
  • Specific term limits for purchases for different clients
  • The option to buy with purchase orders or customer account credits

Since standard eCommerce isn’t always effective with B2B accounts, your eCommerce website may need out-of-the-box options to help grow your business online. Our custom solutions create a powerful eCommerce website for your business. One that is dedicated to support, business growth, and the professionalism you need to meet your business goals.

Since All B2B Businesses Are Unique…

It’s your job to make sure you cater to your buyers’ needs. This sometimes means multiple, customized solutions that support any business-to-business scenario. From simple parts to customizable products, you need to have the option to deliver all your products in a wide array of configurations. You need a B2B eCommerce development team that is knowledgeable and available. Since ongoing support is often a necessity, you should develop a long-term relationship that gives you the peace of mind you need for customer satisfaction.

We Don’t Just Want Things to Work Right.

We want to exceed your customers’ expectations with amazing, customized B2B eCommerce solutions!

Corporate Account Management

This unique feature is crucial for corporate accounts. You’ll be able to manage complicated, graded account structures directly through your seller admin console. Your buyers can configure their structure in many ways including the addition of authorized users and the ability to create purchasing rules.

Access to All the Features You Need

As an admin, you can assign control, roles, and permissions. This is crucial to protect sensitive information and be able to allow access to those who need it. Both sellers and buyers can manage access. This means specific price lists and product catalogs can be made available to groups and individuals who need this sensitive information.

Manage Multiple Brands

Many business owners manage multinational brands. If you need multi-website management capabilities, we’ve got you covered! Our B2B solutions allow you to operate your website across multiple countries, currencies, and tax regulations. With flexibility and variety, your decision makers can easily control all your businesses from one comprehensive admin console.

An Easy-to-Use Content Management System

Regardless of who you are selling to, you need to create an engaging user experience with an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface. This allows buys to find the products and information they need when they need it. Our native CMS capabilities allow you to easily manage your products and catalogs while you deliver the information buyers need to make a purchasing decision.

Personalized B2B Catalog Management

Give sellers the option to customize their product catalogs with resourceful B2B catalog management capabilities. This allows you to create customized, targeted sales that meet the specific needs of each corporation, division, business unit, or even individualized buyers. You can set each group to access to their own catalog with customized content and products.

Multiple Price Lists

For most B2B eCommerce businesses, there needs to be options when it comes to price lists. Our out-of-the-box website designs allow you to create your price lists in multiple ways. This gives you the flexibility to target unique customers, companies, or business units based on their customer agreements. You can customize price points, tiers, and currencies in one easy, convenient location.

Multiple Shopping Lists

In addition to multiple price lists, your buyers may work off multiple shopping lists. Corporate buyers work on multiple projects simultaneously. Whether working on trade show displays or printed materials, B2B eCommerce websites can allow you to manage and save multiple shopping lists with these flexible solutions. Save them for future use and you’ve got an easy, effective means to make future purchases quickly and easily.

Enhance the Buyer-Seller Relationship

Our eCommerce solutions improve the B2B relationship by enhancing the buyer-seller interaction. Through our custom designs, buyers have an easy way to create and submit all types of order forms, including POs and RFQs. Sellers can easily respond to order and quote requests on one convenient platform that fosters positive, efficient negotiation processes between both buyer and seller.

Customized Reporting with Segmentation

Our unique, flexible dashboard gives businesses the ability to create reports with advanced segmentation capabilities. This allows sellers to gather informative data that brings actionable insight to their business. Track key business KPIs, monitor customer purchasing patterns, and deliver targeted marketing campaigns that helps your business move closer to your revenue goals.

Unlimited Workflows to Increase Sales

Our flexible workflow engine gives buyers and sellers the ability to create an unlimited number of custom eCommerce workflows. This supports the selling process and helps increase sales. Customize workflows such as order submission and the checkout experience with automatic alerts and customized seller options.

We Are Focused On Making Things

Look beautiful… and work for you.

Why Is B2B eCommerce Different?

Like with any business, you want options that meet your business needs. But, many businesses fail to realize that B2B eCommerce is different from traditional online stores. Our B2B eCommerce design team knows what it takes to match your brand vision and deliver the features your customers need to sell.

We create out-of-the-box solutions that allow you to manage your unique variety of customer groups and cater to specific customer needs. Set pricing levels, unlock customer specific discounts, and provide payment options approved for specific customers right when they login. Give customers the ability to filter products, search for what they need, and find things quick with product filtering. Create effective B2B SEO campaigns that target your specific clients and your business goals. And, create an easy to manage, successful online store that is simple and builds value for your business. Managing your B2B eCommerce website has never been easier!

Our B2B commerce solution provides the consumer with the ability to easily check out, which will lessen this risk. We offer:

  • Local sales tax calculation
  • A review screen, allowing users to take a second look at their cart
  • Efficient consumer data retrieval
  • Notes section for customers
  • Custom-made surveys
  • Currency symbols that are configurable
  • A choice between processing sales once an order has been fulfilled or at the time of sale.
  • E-mail order confirmation
  • Verification of shipping details with bill
  • Hands-on customer service
  • Order preferences, such as external downloads and secure login
  • Custom shipping selections, like FedEx and UPS
  • Higher capacity capable of handling multiple shipping calculators

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