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Become an eCommerce Expert With These Top Tips and Tricks

Maintaining your eCommerce site doesn’t have to be a chore. It doesn’t have to be something you dread on your ‘to-do’ list, or even a boring task that you adhere to weekly. By applying the right tips and tricks to maximize your eCommerce efforts, you can create a successfully run business that you always dreamed of having. Follow our guide to bring in that competitive edge you’ve been missing, and take your business to new heights!
Focus on Your Domain Name
If a face-to-face first impression is the handshake, consider your eCommerce sites’ first impression its domain name. Choose your domain name carefully. It’s the first thing customers will see and think about you. So, if you want to be taken seriously as the best eCommerce site in your industry, don’t pick a domain name that reminds you of your personality, or that you think is funny. Not everyone will get your joke, and isn’t your goal as an eCommerce business owner to reach as many people as possible? The bottom line of domain names is this: focus on your target audience and pick an unregistered domain name that will appeal to the masses.
Create Compelling SEO Content
If you want to improve your Google search engine ranking (and who doesn’t?) improve your keywords from the content on your site. Otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the single handedly best way to improve your ranking, and thus, improve your business. As you create SEO content for the first 100 pages of your site, research and follow Google guidelines. There’s a lot to know about SEO, but as a rule of thumb, use no more than 2-4% keywords for each 500 words of content.
Don’t Neglect Page Heading and Font Size
A well-crafted eCommerce site is all about the small details. If you’re going to put the time and energy into a productive and lucrative site, why skip a detail as important as legibility from your font size and page layout? The average web user has about a 30 second attention span for every site he/she visits, so don’t waste another second of their time with a font that’s too small to read or a page heading that’s not front and center demanding their attention. Demand their attention from the first second they visit your site with clear, well-marked, and big-enough-to-read page headings, font styles and size. Ensure that all of your headings are in the front and center, and that your font is very easy to read. Lastly, make sure that you continue to instill keyword rich headings. This will allow you to stay highly ranked on Google, and way ahead of your competition.
Revisit Your Marketing Strategy
No matter how many daily users you have coming to your site, or how much profit you’re reeling in, you can always do better – and should! Get familiar with your competitor’s site(s). Where do they excel, and what you can you learn from them? Setting your ego aside for a moment, recognize the areas of improvement that you can work on, by learning from your competition. Allow yourself to get into the habit of continuously tweaking your eCommerce site to make it as user-friendly as possible. As a result, you’ll continue to raise your expectations and become the business savvy individual you always dreamed of being!
Your eCommerce site isn’t a chore; it’s an opportunity to give a service to shoppers who have been waiting for the exact thing you have to offer (and even those who didn’t know what they were missing!) Explore options for the best sounding, simple domain name by working alongside us, Informatics Commerce. At Informatics Commerce, we’ll fix the glitches that don’t appeal to your target audience and hone in on an articulate marketing strategy that will make your eCommerce site irresistible to the masses.