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Believe It or Not – Your eCommerce Site Isn’t as User Friendly as It Needs to Be

How user friendly in your site? The sad truth for many eCommerce site owners is that they offer a tremendously useful product that is competitively priced but their site’s layout is so chaotic, they end up shooting themselves in the foot. In other words, no matter how great of a product you offer, your efforts are wasted if you don’t have an eCommerce site that users can navigate through easily and effortlessly.
Know What Your Customers Want
Before you act like a confident site owner, be sure that you know what your customers want. How well have you reviewed your eCommerce site objectively? Have you gone through several rounds of inviting strangers to your site for a critique and review? Have you been able to set your ego aside in order to fix the problem areas so that the buying process runs smoothly and without a hitch? Your customers want one thing, and that one thing is to checkout without dealing with links that don’t link up correctly, incorrectly priced items that overcharge their credit card and a shopping cart icon that doesn’t do anything but stall them in the cyber world for an indefinite period of time. Your customers don’t have any more time to waste than you do, which is why it’s crucial that your site be highly functional, and tested regularly to make sure it’s performing at an optimal level.
Eliminate a Registration Requirement From Customers
One of the biggest turn offs for first time customers is being required to register with your site before they are allowed to purchase their item(s). This kind of action makes them feel boxed in, trapped, and ultimately in the hands of ‘whatever you ask me to do, I guess I have to do if I want this toaster.’ What forcing a registration on new customers also does is creates doubt about coming to your ecommerce site again. Instead of creating a mandatory sign-up, take a stance away from aggression, and allow them the option of signing up after their purchase. By taking this friendlier approach, you’ll be surprised how many customers become interested in you and return time after time.
Remind Them Where They Are
Your goal as an eCommerce site owner is creating a safe, frustration-free environment for all to shop in. Does that sound easy? Don’t be so sure. As easily as you can get lost on the wide open (and unfamiliar) road, you can get lost on an unfamiliar site. People don’t like feeling lost – whether it’s on a new eCommerce site or in a foreign land – so make it easy by creating tabs that tell them right where they are. Take the guesswork out of new users by offering well-marked icons for ‘checkout’, ‘home’, and ‘receipt’. Let them know how far they’ve come, and especially how close they are to completing the buying process. That way, you are virtually eliminating an opportunity for them to become frustrated and close out of your site altogether.
What About the Risk of Identity Theft?
Despite all of the advances in internet security software, people still get nervous about their personal information, especially credit card numbers, becoming threatened. Think about how your site can ease their worrying mind. Create a repetitive icon that is on every page of your site that reminds your customers that their safety is number one. You want to make sure that their anxiety about credit card information is acknowledged and taken care of, so that by the time they get to check-out, they aren’t any doubts about you – or your site.
If you want to attract a larger and broader clientele, craft your site in basic terms. Allow the language to be simple and to-the-point, the font easy to read, and well-marked pages that let your customers know how close they are to completing their purchase. Visit us at and allow us to develop your new and improved, user friendly site for a great price. The result? It will allow your first time customers to become repeat customers indefinitely.