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15 Frustrating Aspects of an Ecommerce Site

As helpful as it is to be able to shop online, most avid shoppers realize that the process is not free of its own pet peeves that can annoy even the calmest individuals. Keep reading to discover 15 of the most frustrating features that buyers are forced to bear every time they shop online:

Most people wait approximately 3 seconds before switching to a faster site. If you want to retain your customers, your web pages should be fast and efficient.

Unavailability of Guest Checkout

Create a guest checkout feature on your site and offer the customers an opportunity to login/register an account once the sale has been finalized. This will help you in making sales even if the customer does not log into an account.

Faulty Product Recommendations

Incorrect product recommendations can often annoy online buyers. Thus, add a button on top of the product image to ask the customers whether it has been a helpful recommendation for them or not.

Unspecified Stock Availability

If a product is out of stock, mention it immediately on the product description page so that customers will not be annoyed when they discover this fact at the checkout.

Varying Prices

Prices of your goods should be consistent. A variation in prices, when buying online or buying from a physical store, can be bothersome for many online customers.

Complex Promotional Codes

Complicated promotional codes become hard to use, especially when there are conditions attached to them. Keep them simple to allow your customers maximum usability and benefits.

Missing Prices

It can be frustrating when the products you want to buy are displayed without their prices, so every eCommerce site should include prices for all of its merchandise.

Transactions through Multiple Channels

There should be coordination between your physical and online store so that customers can benefit from both equally.

Frequent Emails

Limited email promotions can work to a seller’s advantage but too much can annoy the customers and they might block them altogether. Respect your customer’s time and privacy, and only contact them occasionally.

Repetitive Log-Ins

Sites that require frequent log-ins at every step to reaffirm customer’s identities can become quite tiring. Once the customer has logged in, there should be a straightforward process to making transactions.

Insecure Sites

If your site allows easy access to the customer’s personal and credit card details, it can be hacked and used. This will make your clients vary of using your online store too frequently.

Usability on Different Browsers

An eCommerce site should give equal performance on a number of web browsers so that customers using every browser can access it easily.

Poor Customer Support

Efficient customer support can often tackle buyers’ problems and retain clientele. Thus, every online store should take necessary measures to arrange for good quality customer support.

Technology Friendly

Your eCommerce site should be accessible from a variety of screens and be mobile friendly as most buyers today prefer shopping from a mobile device.

Third Party Payments

If your payment system is hosted on another site, make a loop so that your customers can come back to your site and confirm that the payments have been made.

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