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Obstacles to Overcome for eCommerce Success in 2014

As the year-end holiday sales come to a close, the New Year brings with it new and better prospects for online merchants.

The previous year has significantly increased the boundaries of online shopping and sales on Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Christmas have proven to be very successful for retail businesses that have stores online.

With the convenience of carrying mobile devices everywhere they go, buyers are more active on their favorite stores than ever before. However, rather than beaming at the boom of their businesses; online retailers and marketers need to realize that there is still room for further improvement.

Here are the 5 biggest obstacles that eCommerce sites can face within 2014:

Two-Day Shipping for Free

With the growing number of shipping services like Shop Runner and Amazon Prime, customers in 2014 will be expecting faster shipments of their purchases to their home. Furthermore, businesses should also try to offer two rather than one day of free shipping to their buyers.

There would obviously be price and weight conditions associated with the offer but with so many shipment services now available and most of them offering two-day free shipments, online retailers will get left behind if they do not make efforts to overcome this challenging task.

Mobile Friendly Site

Sales in 2013 proved that the majority of inline buyers were making their purchases from a variety of mobile devices, like; smartphones, tablets, etc. Hence, if an online business still does not have a mobile friendly site design and marketing strategies, then 2014 is the year when this task needs to be brought to fruitful completion.

Personalized Marketing Strategies

Personalized marketing is a strategy very few businesses use nowadays. It means that businesses should offer customers only those products that might interest them. This strategy can become very advantageous for businesses in 2014 and accordingly, online retailers should develop their marketing teams to develop it and achieve success for their eCommerce business.

These teams will then have to study consumer behaviors and patterns along with the collected records and data to discover their particular interests. Addressing customers by their names; email marketing is the best way to become personal and yet remain distant enough to maintain your clients’ privacy concerns.

Market Trends Predictions with the Help of Big Data

In 2014, gather your resources for Big Data collection and sue them wisely to discover when the market may be in your favor. For instance, if you own a clothing store, weather predictions providing updates of warm, cold or rainy weather can impact your sales accordingly.

Make the most of the Big Data you find and only collect that data which is advantageous to your business. If you do not have good and reliable sources for Big Data, it is time to get to work, because this year is all about staying ahead of the competition and predicting what lies ahead!

Multi Channel Shopping Experience

Offer your customers the freedom to be able to use multiple forms of devices and screens to buy and browse your products. If a person puts an item into the cart via a cell phone, they should be able to open the site on their laptop to find their cart as they had left it so that they can make the purchase.

Aside from these five, there are even some more obstacles that can be overcome in 2014 by online retailers to improve their business practices even further. But for now, working on these challenges should be the aim of every eCommerce business that wants to achieve its due success within this New Year.