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Ways to Promote Your Online Business during Thanksgiving Week

Retailers are usually quite busy dealing with customers during Thanksgiving week. It is the time when the biggest sales of the year take place and retail business is booming. So are you prepared for this major retail shopping event?

Do you have your inventory stocked up and new products on display? Have you discussed your plan with your staff for the rush hours? Are you all set with packaging boxes and supplies? Did you consider designing some new promotions for the week?

Most shop owners plan for Thanksgiving week in advance and you should too. Black Friday is the day with the biggest sales that retailers and buyers have ever seen! Cyber Monday, however, is designated to the horde of shoppers and stores present online.

The best way to attract the attention of potential customers is through the use of promotional strategies. Here are a few ideas that can help your online retail business:

A Sale before Thanksgiving

Many online stores try to set up sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so if you want to promote your business, consider setting up a sale prior to Thanksgiving.

Why not opt for a 3-day sale or a sale that allows customer to buy discounts products before Thanksgiving? Find the hottest selling products and organize a sale before the major days when retailers are attacked by buyers. As customers keep coming to your store before Thanksgiving, you can market your deals and sales for the days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well. This will bring additional publicity for your store when you need it most.

Thanksgiving Sale

This sale can be set up for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but the best sale is the one organized for Thanksgiving Day itself. Many shoppers are out and about in the markets, buying a number of products on the day of the festival.

Focus your sale towards items that can be bought as gifts rather than offering personal goods. Online shops can also offer free shipment to their buyers to increase sales.

Sale for Cyber Monday

This is a sale that is a must for all online businesses. Cyber Monday usually targets young buyers having smart phones and tablets. They will usually be shopping before noon so your sale should be marketed and promoted beforehand.

The sale should have a focus on holiday gifts and any products that can attract the attention of the young customers. Free shipping is must in this sale because most of your buyers will simply refuse to come to your store to pick up their purchases. It is more difficult to keep the youth interested, so make sure you add plenty of incentives.

Checklist for Promotions

In order to be prepared for the sales, see the following checklist:

  • Choose your products carefully according to each sale.
  • Add a separate page on your web store for each sale.
  • Provide good incentives.
  • Use imagery and themes to attract your customers.
  • Market your sales effectively to the right audiences.
  • Offer free shipping whenever possible.
  • Test all your links and URLS.
  • Check your server connectivity for rush hours loads.
  • Track traffic to your website to evaluate your performance later.