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AI and What it Can Do for Your Mobile App

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly popular within the last couple of years. Many of us experience some version of artificial intelligence daily to help make our lives better, and that sort of convenience is now rolling over into smartphone apps as well. Because AI has the ability to automate many manual parts of your business, using it as a way to better enhance the customer experience has become increasingly common.

24/7 Customer Support

While you may not have a call center or the capacity to talk to your customers all hours of the day, a chatbot could be your closest way of achieving this. With a chatbot, customers have the ability to engage in conversation with a robotic representative of your company in lieu of a person to help them obtain answers quicker at all times of the day. This leaves you without the stress of worrying whether or not you responded to all customer requests, because you know your chatbot will respond immediately. Companies can use chatbots for a wide array of things. Some companies decide to make use of a chatbot around the holidays to help shoppers find gift inspirations and recommendations. Chatbots are applicable to a wide range of industries these days. Gartner reports that by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human. Additionally, many chatbots get smarter the more you interact with them, which will continually add value to your company and your customer.

Personal Recommendations

Not only is AI providing more ways to continuously connect with the customer, but AI is also personalizing the experience as well. More commonly with eCommerce apps, you may have noticed products that are recommended for you based on your past browsing history. Armed with this information and AI, companies are using that data to create targeted campaigns to attract their customer and provide them with suggestions personalized for them. The user experience is important and finding ways to make your customer feel like you understand their needs in a crowded space is crucial to maintaining long-term success.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants have become increasingly popular and have risen to fame through Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Ask any of them a question, and they’ll pull mass amounts of data to provide you with the best answer. More impressively, they help you schedule meetings, dim lights in your house, and can send messages. Powering your app with some sort of virtual assistant capabilities is a sure-fire way to get more customers using your app once they realize how much easier their lives become. Virtual assistants also provide a unique way to grow your business as well. While they are pulling data to answer questions and satisfy requests, they’re also collecting data – data that could be a valuable insight into your customer’s pain points or habits.

We’re only going to continue seeing more of an increase in artificial intelligence-powered apps. It’s hard to imagine a life without so much help that so efficient and accurate. Companies will continue to advance the capabilities of AI and provide more ways for others to grow their businesses.