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Benefiting Your Business through Shipping Boxes

Most online businesses underestimate the power of marketing to their existing customers. When it comes to advertisement and promotion, companies tend to think big and often forget the small yet significant marketing strategy of using a shipping box to increase sales.
As online stores usually have a delivery feature, they end up sending a large quantity of boxes to their customers, whether new or old. As a result, if a marketing plan was devised to be used with the shipping box, it could be quite profitable for a company.
Research shows that nearly 40% of the online sales in the U.S. are from existing customers; whereas, on an overall basis, the existing customers make up only 8% of the total eCommerce traffic to a website.
Existing customers can be of two types; those that are repeat customers and have bought from your store more than thrice; or those that are returning customers and are eager to buy your products for the second time.
From scientific and mathematical analysis of records, it is also known that existing customers will spend more for each purchase as compared to your new clientele. A returning buyer might spend 3 times more and a repetitive client may spend 5 times more, than new and first time purchasers.
Hence, marketing strategies for existing customers can benefit online businesses more than trying to attract new buyers. It can also lead to an increase in sales, number of orders, and eventually, more profit.
Order shipments are like a form of direct marketing through mail. Rather than sending ads and brochures separately through direct mail, inserting them within the box is a cheaper and more effective means of getting your sales pitch across to your customers.
If you’re confused about what to add to your shipping box to make it generate more sales, take a look at the ideas given below:

Discount Coupons

Do you want your first-time client to return to your online store? Or do you want to give something extra to your recurring customers to show them your appreciation? Adding discount coupons to your shipping box will ensure that your customers come back to your site for more purchases to avail the coupons.

Free Merchandise

Do you have a new product that’s you wish to promote? Or do you just wish to show your appreciation to your customers? Or maybe you want to give them some extra cheer in the holiday season? By placing free gifts and merchandise inside your shipping box, you are letting your customers know that you care. It is a good way to build strong and long-lasting customer relations with your buyers. It is also a means of promoting sales of a new or slow-selling product.

Sweet Treats

Adding sweet treats to a shipping box is a way of making your customers return to your store for more. Whether you add candies, lollipops or coupons to a café or restaurant; free sweets are a great way to retain customers. This promotion technique is a good one to implement during Halloween, Christmas and other holiday seasons as well.
Customer Review Requests
Customers are often greatly influenced by the comments of their peers on various products. Add a request to your shipping box and ask your customers to give you a review of your product. Use it to motivate more buyers to purchase items from your online store.

Product Catalogs

Customers usually buy products that are frequently brought in front of their eyes. The best way to showcase your products for your existing customers is to provide them with a product catalog inserted into a shipping box. They can browse through your product range at their disposal and if something catches their eye, you can be sure that they will be back to make a purchase.

As with every marketing promotion, regardless of what you add to your shipping box; remember that you should be able to track the sales from the particular advertising strategy. So don’t waste your window of opportunity and use your shipping boxes as cleverly planned marketing tactics; to increase profits of your online business!