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Implementing Your Email Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales for the Holiday Season

Email marketing requires a lot of preparation before it can be implemented, but once you have acquired the email addresses of your customers and have set up a schedule for your marketing plan; it is time to implement it and reap the profits of your labor.

Below are some of the strategies that can be used within email marketing to make it more effective and to gain more sales for your online business during the holiday season:

Catchy Subjects for Emails

Most stores try to market their holiday sales and products by using subjects that tell the reader about the latest sale, promotion or discount even before they have opened the mail.

For instance, subjects like “Mega Sale for Christmas”, “40% off on all gift items”, etc.; are quite commonly seen and can attract a customer’s attention. But what you need to do is use a subject line that creates curiosity among your mail recipients. They should be tempted to open up the email and read it to discover what’s inside.

People in general, love reading material that is formatted in the form of lists and points. Using captions like, “Top gifts for this holiday season”, “Five gifts that your partner will love”, “3 ways to make your holiday special”, etc.; grabs the reader’s attention and compels them to open the mail and read it.

Aggressiveness Pays Off

During the holiday season, buyers tend to gravitate towards the stores that they have heard and seen the most. Hence, the more you advertise your products, the better it will be for your business. As you increase the number of emails you send to your contact list, you will also see a rise in the sales of your store.

Design Emails for Mobile Viewing

Keep an assumption in mind that all of your emails will be received by people who will view them on their mobile phones. Design your mails accordingly. Your website and all its pages and order forms should be accessible from a mobile device to provide convenience to your customers and to increase your overall sales for the holidays.

Offers and Deals

The holiday season brings a large variety of offers in the market. Every store offers something new, whether it’s a discounted rate or a holiday-themed product.

Offers are a major factor in luring your customers to your online store. You can offer discounts, free shipping for the holiday, free gifts, or just some new products that your customers would love to buy.

Design your emails to have an attractive image to focus on your major promotions. You can also experiment with different timings to send your mails to check if you get a better response during particular times.

Keep an Eye on Your Competition

If you wish to survive in this technological age along with your rivals, you need to be one step ahead. Follow the marketing promotions of your rivals carefully. You can also subscribe to your competitors’ promotional offers to discover what they are offering. This will help you in creating a marketing strategy that benefits you the most.

Reward Customer Loyalty

A good practice to retain your customers is to reward the ones that remain loyal to your store. Offer these customers something special like, a free gift, an increased discount or maybe a deal on free shipping. This will make your customers feel appreciated and they will most likely continue to shop at your store.


in conclusion, implementing the above given strategies in your email marketing can benefit you for the peak holiday sale season; as you will be able to make new clients and retain the old ones by using practical steps to increase revenue and promote your products.