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Engaging Your Customers With an Mobile App

In the age of the smartphone, we’re definitely spending more time on apps. According to a 2017 Techcrunch report, smartphone users access an average of 30 apps a month. It’s easy to believe – one quick trip to the app store and you will find yourself faced with thousands of options in hundreds of categories. It’s hard to figure out just exactly what you need sometimes. But think of your customer – in a marketplace so saturated, how do they know to choose you over others in the category? Your app needs to add enough value to your customer’s daily lives that checking your app becomes routine.

The User Experience
You could have spent the time planning and developing this awesome concept, but if your customer attempts to use your app and it fails to deliver a basic user experience, then the likelihood of your customer using that app again is very slim. Your app needs to have a seamless experience every time your customer logs in. Depending on the type of app you have, you also want to make sure that every time your customer logs in, they see the most important information at the beginning. This has become increasingly popular for social media apps that have adjusted their algorithms to show the content they feel their users want to see first from the people and brands they care about the most.

Keep It Social
We live in a world dominated by social media; we’ve all shared updates about our lives at some point online. Your app should make sharing content on social media easy and quick. This also helps you gain visibility through your customers. If they love your app, they’ll want to tell their friends and everyone they know. Word of mouth marketing is the best marketing a company could get and if you want your active users to increase, you’ll make it as easy as possible for your customers to spread the word. For apps like Amazon who are leaders in the eCommerce space, they make sharing products with friends and family easy with a prominent “Share” link on every listing. This also helps your customers feel more connected to the app and demonstrates its value for consistent use.

Show Me The Incentives
Let’s face it – we’re more willing to complete a task if we know that there’s a reward involved. If you want to give your customers more reasons to interact with your app, then you would want to consider offering a reward-based incentive or a coupon that is exclusive to the app. For example, Dunkin Donuts rolled out their rewards program, DD Perks, where users can gain points with every purchase and are provided with a few coupons each month. When you give your customers a reason to access your app, you want to make sure they will benefit and keep coming back for more.

Security First
Unfortunately, the rate of cyber crimes occurring is increasing and affecting thousands of people. It seems like no app is safe – My Fitness Pal, the fitness app by Under Armour, recently experienced a breach in their security. Your customer needs to feel safe every time they provide sensitive information. Whether your customer is shopping or checking their credit, your app needs to be a safe-haven and not have them think twice about if they might be putting themselves at risk. Ensuring you have the right security in place from the beginning can give you and your customers a peace of mind.

Apps provide so many unique ways to engage with your customer and they’re not going out of style any time soon. Over 60,000 apps are added to the app store each month and show no signs of stopping. No matter your industry, make sure you are the only choice for your customer by providing for them the ultimate experience that no one else can offer.