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Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

How eCommerce Sites Can Effectively Utilize Pinterest

Pinterest can be a viable marketing tool for e-commerce sites if properly utilized. The key is knowing how to use this social network in a way which will most benefit your business. This primarily means making your audience happy, engaging them, and keeping their attention once you grab it. The following four things can help ensure you are doing this.

Make Your Blog Posts & Emails Pin-able

Why?: Integration & Lead Generation
Making your blog posts and emails pin-able allows you to connect your Pinterest account to the rest of your marketing campaigns with ease. Connecting your marketing campaigns together helps to create more leads for your company because numerous outlets are working together towards the same goal. Lead generation is a big part of why companies use social media, so anything which can help further this goal needs to be utilized.

Make Boards Relevant To Your Audience

Why?: Boost Engagement, Make Finding Things Easier
Like anything else, your Pinterest content needs to be relevant to your audience. It doesn’t matter what you want to pin about, but rather, what your audience wants to hear about. To get started on the right track, you can create boards relevant to your audience. Boards are what hold your pins, categorizing them as you choose. Boards are great because they also allow your audience to easily find the pins they most want to see.

3. Pin A Variety of Items
Why?: Boost Engagement, Increase Re-Pins, Keep Audience’s Attention
People don’t like to see the same thing posted time after time. You need to mix things up. Post to different boards you’ve set up, and ensure your audience is seeing a nice mixture of pin types. If you just posted an image of one of your products, don’t post another one directly after. Instead, pin a promotional quote, a do it yourself image, or a tips graphic. Keep switching it up and you will notice your audience is engaging more with your pins.

Encourage Followers To Pin Your Boards

Why?: Increase Re-Pins, Expand Primary Audience/Lead Generation
By encouraging your followers to pin your boards, you are increasing the chances of others following you. This is the same concept as when, on other social networks, your audience shares your posts. The way it works is that your followers will see your boards. If they decide to pin them as well, then all of that person’s followers will see it as well. This increases the chances of your follower’s followers becoming one of yours as well.


If used properly, Pinterest can be a great marketing tool for your eCommerce website. By simply utilizing the above four tips, you can integrate Pinterest with the rest of your marketing campaign, generate leads, expand your primary audience, increase re-pins, engage your audience, make things easier to find, and hold your audience’s attention once you get it. This is the best way to ensure Pinterest is benefiting your business to the fullest of it’s potential.