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How eCommerce Sites Can Utilize Social Media

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool which offers numerous benefits. One of these benefits is the accessibility. Any company can set up an account on one of the various social media websites and start to gain a following. For the most part, this form of marketing is free. Granted, most social media sites do offer varying forms of paid advertising. Each type of business or professional will need to use social media in a different way to garner the response they desire. As an e-commerce site, here are a few ways you can properly utilize social media to your fullest advantage:

Connect With & Engage Your Customers

Social media allows e-commerce sites the ability to connect with their customers on a much more personal level. It also allows companies to actively engage with those customers. This is an incredible marketing tool in it’s own right, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Customers are much more likely to trust a company they feel personally connected with. A higher level of trust means a greater chance of sales. It is as simple as that.

Bring In New Customers

Social media is a great place to find new customers. Many people may not know your business exists, but one of their friends might. That friend might share one of your posts. When that friends comments or likes one of your company’s posts, it may also show up on other people’s news feeds. Now more people know that your company exists, which means you have the possibility of creating a new customer. Utilizing things like groups and hash tags can influence this even more.

Highlight Your Products/Services

eCommerce sites can easily highlight their products and services on social media. Posting images is one of the main ways to do this. You can create graphics detailing your product’s strong points or special features. In the comment section above or beside the image, you can tell your customers even more about the featured products or services. At the bottom of the description you can even provide a link to where viewers might purchase the item. Just try to avoid any hard selling. Allow the product or service to speak for itself.

Build A Stronger Online Presence

This one is fairly obvious but should not be overlooked. A high number of business transactions now occur online, so building a strong online presence is key to your company’s overall success. This is especially important to e-commerce sites. First and foremost, social media offers another outlet through which your customers can reach you. Secondly, it allows your company to come up more often in search engine results. Finally, it gives you additional sources through which to brand your business. Branding is a big part of your online presence, so any chance to expand on that is great.


Social media is a great marketing tool offering numerous benefits for e-commerce websites. By properly utilizing these networks in the ways mentioned above, you can begin seeing drastic results. These results can mean better branding, more customers, more sales, more reviews, better press, and so much more. With so many benefits and such open accessibility, there is no reason to not utilize social media to it’s fullest.