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How to Make the Most of Your Marketing Promotions for Christmas & New Year 2014

For retailers and online stores serving clientele from the U.S., Christmas and New Year 2014 are the biggest occasions to earn revenue for their businesses. It is their time to shine as they market their products, offer a variety of promotional deals and attract as many customers as they can to their stores.
The big stores earn big money with their amazing marketing campaigns but if you wish to earn your share of the treasure being spent on Christmas , here are a few tips to market your deals in the most profitable way to benefit your small business:

1.Give great customer service

Small businesses are often unable to offer a lot of reduced price deals to their customers. However, extra value does not only mean giving them more at a lesser cost. Even additional services provided with the purchases can be appreciated by the customers and will keep them loyal to your store.
For instance, you can give your buyers more personal attention than the bigger stores. So make you customers feel valued on a personal level by giving them the opportunity to exchange their goods without a hassle or by offering a refund policy. Even providing a sales and support team for your valued customers throughout the weekend can work wonders for your sales!

2. Promote sales of gift cards

Customers come to your store looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones? What better way to receive a gift than getting the freedom to choose it yourself? Direct your buyers towards your amazing gift cards that enable people to buy the item of their choice from your store.

3.Offer special deals to your subscribers

Your subscribers are the customers and potential customers that have signed up for your emails and newsletters. Send special discount coupons via email to these valued customers to let them know you care and to bring them to your store for the Black Friday sales.

4.Use social media

The first rule to marketing your deals and offers is to keep it simple. The second is to use major medium of advertising to gain the interest of the customers. As holiday season provides people with a lot of time to surf the Internet, use social media forums to promote your promotional offers and sales for Black Friday.
Keep it simple but make sure that your deals are seen by the target market. If you use twitter for marketing your online or retail store, don’t forget to use hashtags(#) that can link all your tweets to the Black Friday sales.

5.Offer an incentive

This works well for retail stores as they can offer cookies, hot chocolate or just a relaxing environment to the shoppers, where they can rest when they are tired from their shopping spree. The seating arrangement can be strategically placed next to your holiday sale items.

6.Track your sales

If you are using a variety of ways to market your promotions, assign codes to your different deals. This will help you in keeping track of your sales and discovering which offers have been the most successful during the holiday season.

The best way to sell your goods is to promote them in the right way. Discover the audiences you want to attract to your store and find the best mediums to let them know about the great offers you have available for Christmas sales to take part in one of the biggest sales of the year!