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How to Improve Your Holiday Sales Using SEO?

The holiday season has brought booming sales once again. However, if your sales and web page hits are below your targeted goals, you can use the following given tips to improve them with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Remember that the first step to boosting sales is to change what you can control, i.e. your web pages and the presence of keyword phrases; these are the factors that will truly make a difference.
Discover the Most Profitable Areas
The first step to improving sales is to analyze the existing performance of your site. You are naturally attracting potential customers to your web page. What you need to discover are the key areas where the most hits are concentrated.
The best way to analyze your data is to find out which pages are getting the most hits and which keywords are being used more frequently. Compare your data with the “Search Queries” report in your Google Webmaster Tools account, to see the rankings for your keywords and entry pages, along with the amount of search impressions that you are getting naturally.
In most cases, the most profitable keyword is your brand name, and your home page is most likely to have the maximum amount of visibility. Making changes to these already performing keywords and web pages will be less beneficial to you.
Modify the Idle Locations
Any page that is not performing up to mark can be modified. Pages that are on a lower rank will improve with alterations and it is better to focus on them rather than trying to modify a page that does not exist on the ranking.
Based on your earlier analysis, you can find the pages and keywords that are existent within the rankings. With the help of keyword research, the keyword phrases in these web pages can be altered slightly to bring more sales and search hits to your site.
The phrases that attract 0.1% – 1% of the keyword market are driving some natural traffic to your website and the web pages that are ranked between the 5th and the 20th positions in Google are existent on the rankings; but both of them are not strong enough to compete with their rivals.
You need to modify these pages using top performing keywords to improve the traffic that you are receiving on your site.
Improve to the Optimum Level
The changes you make to your web pages should make them the most effective. All the keywords should blend with the text, and enhance its optimum performance level.
To make it even better, you can try to make small changes in the names, tags and keyword phrases on your top performing pages as well. These are basic tips to improve SEO that most people can usually implement to improve their pages further.
Add Cross Links
Adding external links that lead to your site can improve your web traffic but the easiest way is to add internal links throughout your website.
Take links to your low performance pages and add them to text fields or visual elements. Cross linking results in better web traffic, because your top pages can lead your customers to other aspects of your site that you want to gain traffic for.
Achieve More Search Hits
If you want more web traffic than your rankings are providing you with, then you can also optimize your top performance web pages to gain the most search hits. In such a scenario, you need to target your page specifically to attract more search clicks than your competitors.