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Tips to Improve the Multiscreen Ecommerce Experience for Your Customers

In today’s world, buyers from all over the globe use a variety of devices to browse through eCommerce sites and make purchases. There are also many people who start their product search on one screen but move to another one in order to make the purchase.

A survey conducted by Google discovered that nearly 67% of online shoppers within the U.S. shift from one screen to next before completing their online purchase.

For instance, a man traveling home from work can search for a gift for his wife on his smartphone, but makes the final purchase after he is comfortably settled at home with his laptop.

Hence, in order to make your ecommerce marketing more effective, you need to provide your clients with the benefit of completing transactions from a number of technological devices, such as smartphones, laptops, televisions, desktop computers, tablets, etc.

The tips given below can guide you on what to do and what to avoid while marketing multiscreen ecommerce:

Offer a mobile app

Smartphones have become a part of our daily lives. Offer a useful mobile app to your customers that will create awareness about your online store. These apps can provide a lot of information about the products you offer, so that your customers will know which store to visit for their next purchase.

Create a flexible website

Your potential customers may view your site from a number of devices. Flexibility here relates to the fact that your site should be easy to view and browse through, regardless of the device being used for the task.

Whether a person visits your site from a smartphone or a laptop, he should get the same results from both the devices. This is very important for retaining customers, because if your site cannot be opened on a particular device, your customers will visit your competitors’ site instead.

Keep your site performing at an optimum level

Sites that are too slow or take a lot of time to download images; are often abandoned by shoppers even before the loading is completed. If you do not wish to lose potential clients, ensure that your website is working at a fast pace to save time for your customers and to bring you more profit through sales.

Focus on more than one technological device

Marketing an eCommerce site requires that your marketing strategy should cover a variety of devices. You may prefer to email your clients about the latest promotions, but in recent times, the quickest way to reach out to people is via text messages. Hence, you need to focus your marketing strategy on more than one technological device in order to gain customers.

Provide useful web content

Developing an ecommerce site also entitles providing your customers with useful information through your site and blogs. This includes giving detailed descriptions of your products along with images and prices, as well as posting informative blogs.

Avoid inconsistency in content

If your customers shift from device to device while browsing your site, they should find similar content every time. Do not hide content on your website to improve the optimum performance on different devices.

Do not offer mobile domains

Sites that offer separate mobile domains are usually at a disadvantage. Your site should be versatile so that your customers can access the same information from everywhere and ever screen.

Refrain from adding pop-ups

Pop-ups in general, are a big turn-off for customers, regardless of how they are viewing your site. However, the most annoying experiences of pop-ups are faced by customers who are visiting your site from a mobile or television screen.

Assure that your videos are in proper working order

Videos are an excellent means of marketing products. However, if a video only works for laptops and tablets; customers who access your site from mobile phones will surely be disappointed. If you add videos to your site, make sure that they are playable through a variety of mediums.


Implementation of the above given tips can allow you to optimize the performance of your site so that is can work well for multiscreen ecommerce. This will provide your customers with a more fulfilling shopping experience and allow you to increases your sales and customers thanks to the versatility of your website and its content!