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The Benefits of Email Marketing For eCommerce Sites

Email marketing, sometimes also referred to as electronic marketing, is a form of direct marketing. It allows the company or professional to relay information directly to their customers. Many professionals wonder if email marketing is truly worth it for their eCommerce sites. Does it provide any benefits, or is it a waste of time altogether? Let’s take a look at the benefits email marketing can provide for eCommerce sites.

1. Increase Sales & Revenue

Email marketing is able to increase your sales and revenue because you are directly contacting your target audience. It isn’t just your target audience, either. It is a portion of that wide audience who has already expressed interest in your company and products by signing up for an email subscription. Since these individuals have already expressed interest, they are more likely to actually purchase something. By putting your items in front of them on a steady basis, the chances are even higher.

2. Another Line To Promote Your Business

Over and beyond an increase in sales and revenue, email marketing offers you another line to generally promote your business. Many people fail to realize that promoting is much more than sales. Email marketing also allows you to better brand your eCommerce site, label your company as an expert, and increase customer engagement, amongst other things. The key in targeting each of this promotion areas is to know what to send in your newsletters. To better brand your company, highlight on brand stories. To label your company as an expert in your field, highlight articles offering advice, information, news, etc. To increase customer engagement, ensure you are using strong calls to action.

3. Easily Manage Your Customer Relations

There is no easier way to increase a positive image of your company than through email marketing, nor is there any better way to negate bad press. This is because you are able to have a better control over what information is being put out about your company. For example, sharing positive customer testimonials can increase a positive image. You can also feature articles debating recent bad press, or denying it (if, of course, it is not actually true).

4. A Simple Way To Gather Customer Data

If you want to know more about your customers, there is no better place to go than directly to the source. Use your email list to send out a brief survey for your customers to anonymously fill out so you can gain a better understanding of who they actually are. Asking questions like their age, location, interests, income, gender, race, etc. is a great way to better target all of your marketing efforts. Instead of generalized data received through other research methods, this offers you exact numbers on who your customers really are.

Email marketing is a viable form of direct marketing with many benefits for eCommerce sites. It allows you to increase your sales and revenue, as well as easily manage your customer relations. It also offers another means of promoting your company,and a simple way to gather customer data. So if you were one of the many eCommerce sites debating on whether email marketing is worth it, the answer is an undeniable yes.