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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Magento Web Design Company

Magento is a powerful tool for eCommerce sites and one that is gaining popularity quickly. However, if you do not have experience with this platform, hiring a professional Magento designer is likely in your best interest. Before you simply hire the first person you come across, there are certain factors that should be considered to ensure you find a developer that can meet your needs and the needs of your business.

In order to get started, use The Ultimate Guide To Hiring a Magento Web Design Company that will take you to step by step through the hiring process. It will let you know your responsibilities when you hire a developer and how to find a person or company that will provide you with the results you want.

Remember, when it comes to hiring a Magento web developer you should not try to cut corners or costs – you need to find quality service and may have to make an investment to do so. However, this investment will be well worth it when you receive an aesthetically pleasing site that is completely technically seamless.

There are more and more online businesses turning to Magento platforms due to the options and ability that it has to offer. If you want to be able to control and manage all of your online activities in a more efficient manner, Magento is definitely the right choice. If you want to create a completely customized and very aesthetically pleasing site, then Magneto is, again, the right choice. If you want the ability to remove drab features or ones that are not working and add new fresh elements with ease, Magento is the answer. And the fact is that the platform is just getting better and better. Magento is considered open source, which means that you do not have to worry about any type of license fees.

If you do not have experience with Magento, hiring an expert is essential. However, this can be a complicated decision, especially since the market is becoming increasingly competitive. With the tips and suggestions found here, you can find the perfect Magento web developer that will ensure your site is everything that you could possibly want.

Type of Developer to Hire

There is no question that hiring an expert is the right route to go when it comes to developing a Magento site. However, the big question that you must consider is whether you should hire a freelance developer, or choose a larger web development company. Each option offers advantages and the one that you ultimately choose will be dependent on the priorities and goals for your specific site.

There are a large number of freelancers who are great at what they do; however, it is crucial that you take time to check out their portfolios and talk to their previous clients about the work that they provided. If you opt for a freelancer, they should provide you with a much more flexible set of terms since they are not going to be bound by the traditional company policies.

Larger web development companies, on the other hand, need to provide you with expert support. They have a dedicated team of people that are experts in the field of Magento and web development that means they can provide timely results in a very efficient manner. In most cases, if you want quick results with an expert appearance for your site, a web development company is likely the best way to go.

Global or Local

Another important consideration to make when hiring a Magento developer is if you should hire a local worker or one that is located in another country. The fact is that when you are having a website developed, communication is key. When you hire someone local you will be able to discuss any problems or issues with no language barrier. Hiring outside of the country could present a number of communication issues, causing you to have a site that is not exactly what you had in mind. However, one of the biggest benefits of hiring globally is that you can likely have a much more affordable price for the development of the site.

Technical Expertises


There is no doubt that the requirements for Magento developers have increased as the platform becomes more relevant for website use. This means that it is essential that you hire the proper person that has an in-depth understanding and proficiency in the platform to ensure the best outcome results. When it comes to selecting the proper developer you have to consider the attributes that are most important. Some things to consider are highlighted here.

Technical Skills with a Creative Streak

Magento development is a combination of out of the box innovative ideas and flawless technicality – neither of which can be ignored. The developer that you choose should be able to understand all of the technical details from a Magento web developer, but also be creative enough to provide a unique site. One way to determine if a developer has this ability is to go over their past work.

Quality of Work

Another important factor to consider is the quality of work that is provided by the developer. While money is an important factor to consider, you cannot short change the developer that you hire, especially if you want great results. While you may come across companies that offer low prices, the quality of work is likely to be lacking.

Updated Knowledge

The fact of Magento is that the technological framework has a limited lifespan and there are constant modifications and updates to the design platform. Therefore, when you begin your search for a Magento web developer you need to ensure that they are in sync with the most recent changes and updates that have happened to the platform.

Project Plan

When you hire a Magento developer, you need to ensure that you explain your product and your business as clearly as possible. This is the only way that your developer will know what you want. For example, do you need to have the site integrated with an ERP system, or do you need them to consider Search Engine Optimization eCommerce store?

Website Design Strategy

Even if you are selling a very simple product, there are likely some very unique functions that you will want to present on your newly developed site. Some of the items that should be included in your project plan include your custom check out features, rotating product images and other factors that make the site uniquely yours.

If you do not have a clear project plan to give the developer your hire, chances are you will also not receive the site that you want, which means that you will have to start over, waste time and money and still not have the look to your site that you want.

In addition to providing your goals for the site, you should also ask the developer the following questions:

  • How long they expect the site to take;
  • How they plan to start developing the site;
  • How they will handle any issues or problems that develop.

The last factor is extremely important, especially if you hire a person that lives in a different time zone.

Maintenance Services

Another important factor to consider when you are hiring a Magento web developer is whether or not they offer maintenance services. This is extremely important if you do not have any previous knowledge of how the Magento platform works and how to change things yourself. You should also ensure that the company will customize the services that are offered to fit your specific needs and the needs of your site.

Website Maintenance

Magento regularly provides upgrades and it is crucial that these are applied to your site as it affects the security of your business. Some of the options that a Magento maintenance plan should offer include:

  • Updates and upgrades for the platform;
  • Changes in the template;
  • Changes in the email;
  • Installations of various modules;
  • Changes in the server;
  • CMS pages;
  • Additions to products;
  • Payment gateways;
  • Changes in the CSS or XHTML.

Why Hiring a Quality and Experienced Developer is so Crucial to your Site

If you have no previous experience with Magento, it is important to find a developer that does. This will ensure that your site looks aesthetically pleasing and that it functions properly, as well. The professional web developers understand all of the technical aspects of the platform and can ensure that your site looks and operates properly.

Hire A eCommerce Developer

Hire a professional Magento web developer today and have a seamless site that looks and operates in a professional manner. There is no reason to settle for second rate services when there are a large number of developers that can offer you quality results for your site.