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Two Best Marketing Techniques For eCommerce Business

Marketing is a vital part of all eCommerce businesses. Without proper marketing no one will know your company even exists, so it won’t matter you have fantastic products and top notch services. Yet all forms of marketing are not created equal, and not all techniques used by brick and mortar stores will work well for eCommerce businesses. If you want to garner the most benefit from your marketing, use the following three best marketing techniques.

1. Focus on Engagement, Not Selling

Many eCommerce sites fail to recognize the benefits of engagement versus hard selling. When you focus on engagement tactics instead, you are building a form of loyalty with your prospective customers. This loyalty prompts them to purchase from you regularly versus make a one time purchase as hard selling is geared to do. There other benefits to this loyalty, including but not limited:

  • more shares, likes, and comments on social networks.
  • more comments, shares, and likes on your blog.
  • more reviews left on your products and/or services.
  • more referrals
  • less chance of negative press hurting your sales.
  • and much more!

How To Effectively Use This Technique

Focusing on engagement is actually quite simple. First and foremost, you need to ditch the sales pitch. Use a number of informative, engaging items for your social media, newsletter, blog, and website instead. Begin by writing information pertaining to your business niche. This includes advice articles in addition to basic news related posts. Utilize effective calls to action in all of your content. The best calls to action are short and to the point. Use images to illustrate what you want people to do when appropriate.

Try switching things up by asking questions of your audience. These can be as simple as how the weather is, or what their plans for the day are. These posts tend to garner a lot of engagement. Remember that engagement does not end there. You will also need to like and respond to comments whenever possible. This helps your customers to feel as though you actually care about them.

2. Use Cross-Channel Brand Stories

Cross-channel brand stories hold one big purpose, and that is to help brand your company. Branding is extremely important, especially for online-only companies. It gives the public something to recognize, and identify your company with. Branding also gives you a high level of control over what is put out about your company. All these things combined help to enable higher sales and revenues, bring in more customers, and enable a higher level of customer loyalty. As we explained earlier, a higher level of customer loyalty brings many advantages of it’s own.

How To Effectively Use This Technique

A cross-channel brand story is exactly what it sounds like: a story about your company’s brand, promoted across multiple channels. The keys to success in this type of marketing is to always be consistent in the story you present to the public, and to be persistent in presenting it. The reason behind these two things are simple. If you fail to be consistent in your story, it will appear that you are lying. If you fail to be persistent in presenting your story to your target audience, they will forget you.

eCommerce sites can greatly benefit from making good use of these three best marketing techniques. By focusing on engagement instead of selling, using cross-channel brand stories, blogging and email marketing, you can soon reap the utmost benefits of your marketing campaign.