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When Your eCommerce Site Should Be Utilizing Pinterest

Every company has heard they need to be on social media in order to best engage with their audience. With so many social media networks to choose from, it can be hard determining which are best for your specific situation. One of the newest social media sites is called Pinterest- a network built primarily around pictures and captions. Many e-commerce sites can benefit greatly from keeping an active account on this network. If you aren’t sure whether this applies to you, take a look at the following to see which companies would most benefit from utilizing Pinterest.

If Your Audience Is Primarily Female

Around 80% of all Pinterest users are women. If your audience is primarily female, you may be able to gain a good following on this site. There has been no rock solid reason found behind this, but it may have a lot to do with what the top five pin categories are. (More on that in a moment.) E-commerce sites specializing in certain products or services will have a primarily female audience. These products might include lingerie, baby products, women’s fashion, dieting, parenting, dance, cooking, etc. Many e-commerce sites have an audience which is equally male and female. These sites may also do well on Pinterest. If your audience is primarily male, however, you should probably avoid setting up an account on this social media network.

If Your Content Is Largely Visual

Anyone who has a large focus on visual content should definitely be on Pinterest, because the whole network revolves around images. Artists, art galleries, graphic design companies, photography companies, models, modeling companies, etc. are all obviously going to offer a lot of visual content. Of course, all e-commerce sites could offer a lot of visual content by pinning images of their products and blog posts. Some companies prefer to utilize written content over visual, however, and that is fine- it just isn’t good for Pinterest.

If Your Company Falls Under One of The Top 5 Categories

If your company falls under one of the top five Pinterest pin categories, you probably need to be on Pinterest. These categories include:
1. Cooking and Dining (Where to eat, what to eat, recipes, healthy cooking, etc.)
2. Do It Yourself and Crafts (Kids projects, home projects, recycling crafts, etc.)
3. Health Information (Fitness, recipes, warning signs of specific diseases, when to worry, etc.)
4. Funny & Human Interest (Breaking news, comics, memes, etc.)
5. Fashion & Beauty (All natural remedies, outfits, hottest styles, etc.)

These topics are pinned and engaged with more than other type, so if one of them applies to your e-commerce site there is a really good chance Pinterest would be a good investment. The key is to develop content that people will want to pin, of course, but being included in one of these umbrella topics gives you a good head start on things.


Not every company would benefit from setting up an account on Pinterest. If one of the three things listed above applied to your e-commerce site, however, chances are high that Pinterest would be a good social media network for you to be on.