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Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

Custom eCommerce Solutions

In many cases, eCommerce professionals bundle their services or offer tools that are generic. This often leads businesses to pay for services they really don’t need or be forced to use tools that aren’t effective in meeting their needs. Customized solutions give you exactly what you need to enhance your business.

Anyone can purchase a myriad array of development tools, platforms and other features generically. However, those seeking to really make a go of their ebusiness should strongly contemplate customization. Often, ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions turn out to be a waste of money on their own. Informatics Commerce can get you off on the right foot immediately.

Informatics Commerce Can Help

Our job here is to see that your ebusiness becomes successful by helping you to hone your website to perfection. There is no guesswork involved because we have a thorough understanding of reliable tools, as well as those that aren’t all that great.

Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or if you simply want to get more out of your existing site, we can help you. We want to assist you, and so whenever we possibly can, we’ll improve on proven existing software for your needs. In the event that you need something more, we’re happy to offer a quote on whatever service you desire. It can be as large or as small a project as you want. We can build a completely customized site just for your ebusiness, or we can simply tweak your existing one.

Custom Solution Options

Informatics Commerce offers a diverse set of customized solution options. Following is a peak at what we’re capable of.

Integrating Third Party Applications:

Trying to maneuver through Third Party Applications on your own can take a ton of time and energy. On the other hand, you can let us utilize our expertise in the area and find the perfect partners for your needs. We’re already familiarized, so why not let us do what we do best? You can get help with anything from tracking sales and site performance to updating your catalog. Other Third Party App options are built to improve customer experience or to facilitate business process apps and ecommerce transactions integration.

Made-to-Order Back-End Solutions:

Every ebusiness is different, and that poses a problem with out-of-the-box solutions. We can address such problems as unique server or hosting requirements, a heavy customer base in a specific country, a complicated product structure or even specialized fulfillment requirements.

Tailored Flash Development:

This allows for an over-the-top customer experience that is incredibly creative and fresh.

Customized Web Content Management

You probably already know that there is a wide assortment of CMS products available. However, we can take one of these and fit it specifically to work with your website for optimal results.

Specialized Web Development:

Perhaps you’re a revolutionary. No standard solutions are working well for your site. We can develop an entirely unique website specifically to suit your purposes.

Specialized Shopping Cart – Angularjs

These specialized shopping carts are more secure and far speedier than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, they are much more appealing visually and allow you to have more control.

Beginning Your Custom Solutions

Our ecommerce consultants will begin working with you to customize your site through analyzing your existing statistics. We will then utilize our ERS blueprint to carefully draw out the project. This system addresses your site’s functionality, creativeness, search capabilities, Web Marketing and SEO strategy, technical needs and content quality. By using the ERS system we will have a reliable outline of how to reach your ecommerce goals effectively. Also, we will be able to clearly see any Third Party Applications that you many need. Once the ERS has been used, we will begin the path from the custom solutions phase to implementation, or EDM (Ecommerce Development Module).The EDM includes several facets, including development, quality assurance, design migration, launching and user acceptance testing. Using the information gleaned in the ERS phase, we can carefully and successfully implement the EDM phase.

Create Your Custom Solution!

Fill out our contact form today and a member of our team will be in touch. They’ll go over your website and find a solution that directly fits your needs. Our custom solutions ensure you get the most for your money.

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