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Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

eCommerce Re-Platform


How To Correctly Re-Platform your Ecommerce Store

These days ebusinesses are often faced with challenges, as a result of the explosive growth of ecommerce sites, emerging technologies and a stiff competition experienced in the ecommerce world. Quitting is an option for the faint-hearted, but to outdo your competitors, one needs to improve constantly their user experience, performance and also the back-office efficiency of their ecommerce stores.

With a integrated omni-channel environment customers can efficiently access your services across various platforms. The ebusiness owner also needs to adopt various third-party solutions.

There are many ecommerce platforms that aren’t up to the task, and thus the need for re-platforming. This is where a business shifts to a more powerful and stable platform in the ecommerce industry. Research shows that up to 60% of all ebusinesses are intending within two years to re-platform. Already 10%+ of all businesses are underway.

The Nuts And Bolts Entailed in Re-platforming

With Re-platforming, businesses can shift from a channel specific to an operation centric specific ecommerce. Re-platforming helps a business to serve its clients despite the channel they are sitting, whether through your site, brick and mortar store, social media platform, through your catalogue, or the business’s mobile website.

Ebusinesses benefit from their site being adaptable to any screen, an optimized page load-time, highest up-times and an all time top performance despite the time, date or traffic. It enhances your business on the front end, and promotes an optimum customer experience, as it allows for a user friendly interface and updated content. A perfect integration of all processes is encouraged by re-platforming in the website’s back-end. This enhances the administration efficiencies. It allows for maximum scalability that favors your sites future needs.

How to Assess The Importance of Re-platforming For Your Ecommerce Store

The benefits of this process cannot be understated. To start with, conversion rates are increased, your ecommerce store performance is boosted, cross channel interactions are boosted, and customer acquisition is kept in check. Overall, there is a minimized cost of ownership. In all these, this process also has its fair share of challenges because the ebusiness is disturbed, KPIs(but this can be avoided).

At Informatics Commerce, we strongly believe that before you start this process, evaluation and assessment of your site is paramount. We are here to support and walk you through the whole process and advising you on how to go about the whole process.


How to Succeed with Ecommerce Re-platforming

Developing a Strategy

Setting and prioritizing your goals is key. We will advise you on how to develop a project roadmap, assist you come up with a suitable budget and timetable. This will help you to monitor the progress and also employ the project scope efficiently.

Include everyone

You need to come up with an able cross-departmental team for the project reviews as well as the decision making process. This process, as much as it concerns the IT department, other team players need to be brought onboard. Through communicating goals and success metrics to all players, Informatics Commerce helps you manage your project expectations.

Choosing Technology

Informatics Commerce will come in and give appropriate advise on the technology to choose, that suites the business

Creating proof of concept

We will help you put both your functional and also technical assumptions to test, against your intended audience before you start the development exercise.

Carefully Planning the Launch Date

This process hurts the KPI temporarily and therefore it’s important to carefully choose the launching date, season and also the moment in your site’s sales cycle.

Stay Swift

When re-platforming it’s vital to do it with utmost swiftness in mind. Minor alterations to the original concept are essential and Informatics Commerce will always be there to assist the business to swiftly adopt them.

Testing, Analyzing, and Improving The E-commerce Store

With the new platform fully-fledged, we will be there to test and analyze its performance. We will analyze and test its front end and back end functionality including integration of the third-party solutions. Regular A/B and multivariate tests for optimum performance are crucial for the site. We will rest the moment everything works perfectly.

At Informatics Commerce, we are experts in re-platforming, have a wealth of experience and expertise in the field. Call us or shoot us an email and we will be more than glad to help you on your point of need.

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