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Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

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This Is Not Just Your Website. It’s Your Business.

We aren’t just about building websites here, even though we do love it. Our passion lies in creating successful online businesses. Although we do fancy all of the sophisticated technology that we’re allowed to work with daily, Informatics Commerce’s value to you stems from our ability to improve your business’ bottom line. You can see physically see that value not only with your increased revenue but also with more site traffic and an exemplary ROI.

Custom Made Solutions Specifically for You

Informatics Commerce realizes that many set out ambitiously to make a huge success of their eCommerce site. Unfortunately, only a small percentage ever succeeds. That’s why we are committed to helping online businesses find their footing and move forward toward their dreams.

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B2C Commerce

Magento Development

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eCommerce Web Design & Web Development Services

Features Estimated Cost
New, Fully Responsive Magento B2C eCommerce Website Starting at $11,000
New, Fully Responsive Magento B2B eCommerce Website Starting at $13,000
New, Fully Responsive Website with Custom/Theme WordPress Design  Starting at $2,8000
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New, Fully Responsive Ecommerce Website [Magento Platform]
Starting at $13,000
Convert Existing eCommerce Website to Magento Fully Responsive Websit
Starting at $8,000
Convert Existing Magento 1 Website to Magento 2 website
Starting at $11,000
New, Fully Responsive Website with Custom/Theme Design [WordPress]
Starting at $2,8000

Informatics Commerce’s Far Reaching eCommerce Solutions

We offer an immense range of services including integrating vendors, site hosting and online strategy. Our services include:
Online Business Website Development And Design:

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to create a breathtaking, brand spanking new website or if you just want to overhaul your old one. We offer full service solutions for your convenience. We have the most sophisticated options available on the market, and are constantly researching new developments. Our seven visual designers ensure that your custom site really is just that!

Enhanced User Experience Resulting In Better Conversion Rates:

navigation, architecture and user experience is at the forefront of our User Interface Specialists’ minds.

SEO and Online Marketing:

We exploit Search Engine Optimization techniques and targeted marketing to the utmost. The results are greatly increased traffic and online presence.

Third Party App Integration

Have you been pining over your competitor’s nifty site features, but really don’t feel like going through the trouble to get them yourself? Not to worry. Informatics Commerce will help you find the perfect partners for those video features, search engine upgrades, 3D capabilities and even 360° views. That’s not all that we can update your site with either. No, my friends, that is only the beginning.

Customized Solutions:

Perhaps you’ve thought of using the generic out-of-the-box solutions, but know deep down that they just won’t work for you. There’s just something about your ebusiness that is one of a kind or highly technical, and you know that you really need customized solutions. We’re the people for you! We may begin with the generic solution, but we’ll nip and tuck it until it fits seamlessly into your ecommerce site.

Online Business Strategy:

Preparation is the key to preventing poor performance. It’s a good thing that one of our bragging rights comes straight from proper prep! Our ERS solution will ensure that we have all of the proper research we need to effectively strategize the needs of your website.

Customized Shopping Cart:

Shopping cart abandonment is a real issue with many sites. We simplify the shopping cart process according to the needs of your ebusiness. This, in turn, increases your sales.

Hosting eCommerce Sites: 

Scalability and reliability are extremely important concepts when hosting. Fortunately, we excel in both through our exemplary customer service. We make certain that your site is running properly at all times, that it is user friendly and that loading pages take a minimum of time.

Maintenance And Customer Support:

We absolutely guarantee that we can improve your site’s performance. Just a little optimizing here and there and your site will be able to take on any kind of customer service questions or traffic. Your whole site will be all the better with increased stability, performance, and robustness.

The Informatics Commerce Methodology

Our methodology works, plain and simple. We work our way through the process of creating your successful website using the tools of concise goals, meticulous planning and particular strategizing. Our Ecommerce Requirements Specification is designed to lead us to nothing less than absolute success with your site.

  •  ERS demands that we assess your needs thoroughly. We research your potential consumers, your product, the industry and your competitors through the collection of data and proper analysis.
  • Next in the ERS solution is the planning process. We use the data we have collected to target your potential customers according to their personas.
  • Lastly, we create a roadmap to your success. We detail all that the project entails, and then decipher precisely how we’re going to implement those details. You will be able to clearly see your exact end result.

The Ecommerce Requirements Specification will result in nothing short of a detailed, well-organized website for your business. Everything you need to be successful will be addressed including:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Content
  • Creativity
  • Function
  • Search Capabilities
  • Technically sound solutions

You will also know precisely what type of functional design you need, including the specifics of your sitemaps, wireframes and process flows. Lastly, we will recommend appropriate and necessary third party apps or if an out-of-the-box solution will work well for you.
The entire ERS deliverable will allow you to decide if you would like for Informatics Commerce to proceed with your EDM (Ecommerce Development Module) or if you would rather proceed with your information to other third party team.

Informatics Commerce EDM

Should you choose to proceed with Informatics Commerce for the implementation of your EDM, you will not be disappointed. We will deliver to you:

  • Intricate User Acceptance Testing
  • Flawless Development
  • First rate Quality Assurance
  • Exceptional Design
  • Meticulous launch processes
  • First rate migration

Remember, your specially designed ERS will outline specifically what your professional website needs, and our EDM will perfectly produce those results.

Create My eCommerce Solution Today!

At Informatics Commerce, we understand that the future of your business relies on eCommerce services that reach beyond your competitors. That’s why we deliver more by creating a comprehensive solution for your business, not just giving you some services. Get in touch with a member of our team to create a solution that helps your eBusiness soar to new heights.

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