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Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

Comprehensive eCommerce Strategy

Bring your business the ultimate tool for success.


It is a poor assumption that all it takes to succeed in ecommerce is an actual website. That would be similar to assuming that a stove is all that you need to bake a cake. Obviously, the ingredients need to be there to first make the cake mixture. Pans in which to pour the concoction are required. Most importantly, there has to be someone there to knowledgeably perform the tasks that lead to an exceptional, culinary masterpiece. Informatics Commerce uses a team effort to see to your every business need.

Business First

Remember, your eCommerce site is first and foremost a true-to-life business. Just as with any brick and mortar facility, your website needs to be managed and arranged effectively in order to meet its main goal – to bring in profit. Informatics Commerce is prepared and more than able to create your successful ebusiness masterpiece. That masterpiece is centered around the proper functioning of your website, in addition to saving precious money and time. Certainly it is essential for Informatics Commerce to build a beautiful and useful website for you. However, it is also vital that we completely understand both your long and short term goals, your business strategy and the website metrics involved. Then, and only then, can we generate or revamp the perfect website for your specific needs.

Informatics Commerce Advocates:

  • Exceptional branding
  • Speedy overall performance
  • Encouraging customers to actually purchase what they put in their carts
  • Positive user experience and simple, efficient usability
  • Prompt site search, and a broad range search capability
  • The ability for users to change from one task to another rapidly
  • Being search engine friendly
  • Website navigational ease

Research & Strategy

Client Interview

Information Architecture

Attract new Customers and Realize Solid Fiscal Benefits

Naturally, the key to any successful business is to bring customers in and to keep them coming back for more. With our help, you will see your sales increase tremendously. Through excellent customer service you will not only retain your clientele, but find that their loyalty will remain firmly with your ebusiness. In providing an excellent experience from the very beginning, and delivering prompt customer care when needed, you will find a huge reduction in your operation costs. Greater efficiency tends to make that happen for any business, including those dealing primarily in ecommerce. Informatics Commerce will help prepare for your business’ future by providing a superior experience for customers today.

Tangibly Measure Accomplishments

You will be able to tangibly measure the triumph of our combined efforts through many concrete methods. Your website traffic will increase. You will find that your conversion numbers multiply as the volume of visitors who become customers rises. Patrons will come back time and again for the excellent experience that your ebusiness provides from start to finish.

Employ our Holistic Technique

Informatics Commerce implements a holistic approach to building and revamping websites. We will strive to understand the fundamental goals of your ebusiness, but this understanding alone is not enough to bring about true monetary results. We offer to you a well-rounded team of individuals who will each use their individual strengths to build up your website and achieve long lasting results.

  • A project manager will oversee your entire design. Basically, this person delegates duties, and sees that the end result is exemplary.
  • Our Ecommerce Business analyst will do all of the down and dirty research necessary to find out where your ebusiness is currently at, where your competitors are at and then implement a strategized plan to outmaneuver that competition.
  • The specific job of the User-Experience Specialist is to see that customers have a supremely enjoyable experience on your website. The exceptional experience will lead them back to you for repeat business.
  • In the world of ever-changing SEO guidelines, our Search Engine Optimization Specialist will see to it that your website is favored by search engines.
  • We want your website to be both the epitome of functionality and beauty. We employ an Art Director to guarantee that the website designed for you is as attractive as it is efficient.
  • Merging the principles of architecture and design is the sole mission of our Information Architect.
  • Our Developer ensures proper site and technical developments.
  • Lastly, a Quality Assurance Specialist double checks all of the above.

ERS: A Combination of Extensive Experience and Best Practices

The Ecommerce Requirements Specification, otherwise known as ERS, is a tool which encompasses our broad range of experience and the industry’s best practices. We will apply the step-by-step ERS approach to your ecommerce site.

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