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Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

Direct Connection to Your Customers

Boost your brand and increase profits when you eliminate the middleman. Most businesses use a third party to sell their products. This takes away from your profits and eliminates a direct connection with your consumers. We’ve helped thousands of customers eliminate the need for third party selling through a quality eCommerce business.

Ebusiness Success for the Consumer Brand Manufacturer

It is very possible to make your own ebusiness opportunities by eliminating the middle man and selling directly to your consumer. In terms of merchant categories, manufacturers selling straight to their customers have outpaced all other growing trends. Actually, the number of manufacturers going directly to their consumers rose approximately 15% from previous estimates.

With a Dedicated Ecommerce Site, You Can:

  1. Unveil other potential revenue through your ebusiness.
  2. Raise profit margins.
  3. Enhance your competitive lead.
  4. Influence SEO through your particular brand keyword.

You will Simultaneously have the Following Residual Effects:

  1. Extra brand publicity.
  2. Get the word out about your brand specifically.
  3. Have an outlet for delivering more product and company information.
  4. Gather data from customers which can then be utilized to tailor your products.

An ecommerce site boosts your branding and profits. It doesn’t even matter if customers are buying from you or from a third party retailer. You win either way.

While these particular types of sites are growing faster than any other ecommerce sector, it is prudent to point out that they are still the smallest, as well. They make up only about 12% of ecommerce. The reasons for this phenomenon are simple. No one wants to alienate their bread and butter, least of all manufacturers. Therefore, they often shy away from this kind of expansion in an attempt to maintain prosperous relationships with current retailers. Additionally, direct ecommerce does open a whole host of new tasks. Inadequate infrastructure and inexperience coupled with the risk of offending their retail partners hold many manufacturers back. However, Informatics Commerce specializes in aiding manufacturers handle these distressing situations all at once. Further, we help to build highly profitable retail sites.

Utilize our Methodology

Informatics Commerce utilizes a technique known as ERS, or Ecommerce Requirement Specifications, that allows us to fully analyze and build your successful ebusiness. We gather imperative information about your target audience, retail channels that you are already using and your specific brand. Our team will then build your customized ERS. Your online presence will glow, which will serve you well for some time to come.

Oblige your Retailers while Making a Profit

Informatics Commerce understands the risks involved in direct online retail. We will strive to put both your existing partners, whether online or not, at ease with your burgeoning ebusiness. Our goal is your success, and we will thoroughly assess your personal situation before proceeding with any course of action. Once we have developed and implemented an ideal situation for your ecommerce site, we will then address the following:

  1. Personally selling and delivering your own orders
  2. Using drop ship with a separate retailer to fulfill orders bought on your site.
  3. The possibility of developing a completely informational site, and using it as a tool to funnel customers to your established retailers.
  4. Using third party retailers to fill in the gaps when you’re out of stock. We can sync the two sites so that your customers are sent directly to where the desired product is in stock.

Informatics Commerce’s goal is to see your and your present retailer’s profits grow.

From Targeting the Middle Man to Targeting the Individual

Naturally, your business has been targeting the middle man in everything from pricing to customer service. It’s time to change focus so that you can cater to your new target group, the individual consumer. Informatics Commerce will create web content that is both enjoyable and educational. We will consult with you on how to present your online customer service and will make sure that your site is user friendly. Doing so will encourage a positive shopping experience through:

  1. 360A images (sp)
  2. Videos
  3. downloadable user’s manuals
  4. …and more

Make Sure Customers are getting a Deal

You need to demonstrate that you are loyal to your clients.Giving them something extra on your site is a great way to do this. Following are some possible extras:

  1. One of a kind products
  2. An extensive selection
  3. The ability to customize
  4. Useful information about your wares

We’ll help you decipher the best course of action for your site in particular. Additionally, we’ll maximize the online shopping convenience for your customers and keep them coming back. There are many features that we can use to enhance your site including shipping and estimated arrival calculators, size charts and simple links connecting users quickly to return policies. These convenient extras work to boost traffic, conversion rates and long-term customer loyalty.

Publicize your Brand and your Retail Site

Rankings in popular search engines are incredibly important to your success. They are useful multichannel and cross-channel marketing tools. We are fluent in the ins and outs of best SEO practices, and will help you outrank even those with keyword-relevant domain names. We will effectively drive traffic to your site through PPC practices and our extensive SEO knowledge.

Rely on a Direct Connection to your Sellers and Buyers

Manufacturers typically do not have in-house retail or ecommerce specialists. That’s what we’re here for. We can counter that void with our own extensive knowledge of ecommerce. The long list of leading, international manufactures we have helped achieve success attests to our expertise and commitment. By strategically building ecommerce ecosystems and handling all aspects of them, we can put your ebusiness at the top of its game. Our holistic approach ensures that you have a whole team working for your retail site in one venue.

Fulfillment and Inventory Efficiency

Let Informatics Commerce design an intricate and effective back-end solution to manage such processes as inventory, reduction of manufacturing cost and assembling. The same solution will also managethe packaging and shipping of extensive orders. If you aren’t interested in handling these endeavors in house, we can find the perfect partner to outsource these tasks to.

What drives your website great results

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