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Create a Global Business

From language barriers and currency differences, international business is tough. That’s why Informatics Commerce creates a business solution that takes care of the tough stuff so you can sell internationally with ease. Talk to an international eCommerce solution expert today.

Informatics Commerce Opens the International eCommerce Market For Your Business

Now is the time to begin developing your international eBusiness. Although there are certainly many roadblocks that could inhibit you from expanding your retail site to that extent, Informatics Commerce is prepared to help you take advantage of an excellent climate for expansion. A recent increase in international e-tailers has been noted through a solid online retailer survey. This survey found that:

  • 75% of online retailers have already sold globally.
  • Of the remaining e-tailers, approximately 70% plan to expand internationally within a year.
  • The global market is obviously huge. Online consumers are comprised of people around the world, and more than 80% of these potential customers are from abroad.

The United States in particular is seeing a large increase in international e-tailers. Global customers are interested in our fair exchange rate and abundant product supply. This simply means a larger profit margin for those who expand into global trade.

Now that we’ve touted all of the positives of reaching an international market, we will concede that doing so adds a whole new dynamic to your ebusiness. The research and knowledge needed to move forward with this kind of project is staggering. Learning to target the divergent needs, regulations, procedures and preferences in a global market is no small task.
However, Informatics Commerce is able to help you sort out all of this. We understand precisely what is needed to set your ebusiness up for global success. We appreciate your need for:

  • Localized customer service and websites.
  • International fulfillment and shipping management.
  • Avoiding credit card scam risks.
  • An understanding of international cash refunds.

We are specialists in helping our clients go global. Always happy to consult with you one on one, we would like to further address your international e-tail needs. Then we can implement your ambitious plans.

International Shipping Management

Informatics Commerce boasts the technological capacity to integrate nearly any courier service with your website, including FedEx and UPS Worldship. This alone can eliminate the need for creating packing slips and tracking packages on your end. We can also locate partners to assist you with organizing your website to handle specific customs, duties,non-local taxes, and international shipping and fulfillment. Your international orders will move flawlessly between your site and your shipping partners.

International eCommerce Website Preparation

Typically, we will initially urge you to sell to an array of English-speaking countries. Canada, the UK, and Australia are obvious choices. So that your customers enjoy a flawless buying experience, we will encourage you to address the following on your website.

  • A currency converter will eliminate any exchange rate conversion confusion.
  • Clearly show the specific item price in addition to the overall total. This includes all shipping and handling costs. Don’t worry. We at Informatics Commerce will aid you in finding your ideal delivery method.
  • Provide payment options that are locally accepted.

Conquering Language Barriers

Informatics Commerce can assist you in branching out to countries of foreign language in addition to English speaking nations. Speaking to customers in their home language sets increases in conversion rates in motion. Unfortunately, the generic translation of existing content is not enough to show a profit. We would like to help you customize the language of your site for various cultures worldwide. Our access to diverse qualified partners who provide superlative localization services and site translation gives us an edge. These partners are gurus of PPC and SEO on a localized level in many languages.

Proffering Localized Helplines

The key to global business success is adoption. Providing customer service in the local language and at a convenient time for shoppers is integral. We can arrange this type of local service in the most appropriate way for you. Depending on your needs, we can develop an in-house, 24-hour support team with multi-lingual capabilities. Another option is to develop a partnership with an appropriate call-center provider.

Observing Local Regulations

Each corner of the world that businesses touch has its own culture, its own standards, expectations, and rules. Specific concerns to be addressed include:

  • Advertising regulations
  • Customs
  • Return policies and refunds
  • Product labeling
  • Taxes

It’s a daunting list, but Informatics Commerce will give you all of the tools that you need to succeed. We know the ropes, including which countries will be easiest for you to work with. If need be, we will also put you in contact with the perfect suppliers who will see to your non-local operational concerns.

Third Party Providers and Their Effects on International eCommerce

Informatics Commerce is dedicated to guiding you through the maze of international commerce by connecting you to the best third-party providers available. These folks deal with the hurdles of international shipment, payment and fulfillment daily. Through us, your partnership will result in an excellent, global service which in turn will only enhance your bottom line.

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