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Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

Landing Page Optimization

Direct customers to a page that delivers your message clearly and gathers the information you need to serve them.

Let us optimize your website’s landing pages, and you will witness a very favorable adjustment to your bottom line. By simply encouraging potential customers to click-through from your preferred landing page, you will find that your sales go up. Landing Page Optimization has a significant return on investment.Initially, Informatics Commerce will seek to decipher how your existing site performs already.
We will review:


Your current conversion rate.

The quality of your site’s usability.

The amount of referral traffic you take on.

The swiftness of load times.

An Abundance of Landing Pages

Realistically, any page on your site can be a landing page. We can thank Google for that little adjustment. Your consumers are checking out your website from an assortment of entrances and exits. It could be that some friends have sent over your interesting links to their other friends, one of your pages has a high Google ranking or your ebusiness is promoted on other websites. As a result, your most popular landing pages may not be the ones you had initially intended.

Excellent usability, Search Engine Optimization and navigation are imperative to a high Google ranking. A high Google ranking is important to your ebusiness. Eliminating dead-end pages allows you to increase conversion rates and decrease cart abandonment because it improves your site in the eyes of prominent search engines. Giving visitors compelling reasons to stay on your site, such as global navigation and product information, is the ticket.

  • 1Conversion and Site Metrics at Informatics Commerce, will analyze your website’s current click-through and conversion metrics through the use of a heat-map. This tool will allow us to be able to set appropriate conversion goals. We will decipher which navigational elements are non-essential, and can thereby be removed. On the other hand, it will also be clear which elements we need to promote. Next, we’ll continue to track the page’s performance, and tag it appropriately.
  • Navigation and Usability is of the utmost important when optimizing your landing page. As such, our goal will be to multiply click-through by overhauling your site’s User Interface Design. It is typically the case that an informative, clean and useful website also does well with SEO guidelines effortlessly.

Growing Your Business Online Demands High Traffic Volume To Your Site.

We’ll audit your site’s usability by asking questions related to how it provides for consumer needs. For example:

  • Is navigation precise and understandable?
  • Are readability, organization and logistics appropriate?
  • Are the foremost consumer needs and actions highlighted and simple to follow?
  • Are calls to action apparent?
  • Is the length and subject matter of content appropriate?
  • Are important policies, such as those pertaining to privacy, returns and shipping simple to locate?
  • Is login, the shopping cart and essential contact information readily available?
  • What is immediately visible to the average user, and what requires scrolling to see?
  • Are confidence and brand loyalty, as well as credibility, encouraged?
  • Are product pages detailed enough with such information as available sizes, colors, prices, high-res pictures and configurations?

The answer to each of these questions has a significant impact on bringing customers into an e-tail website. Generic landing page templates are not going to appropriately address these concerns, but Informatics Commerce can.

3. Referrals and SEO

Traffic is essential for high performing landing pages. We will analyze your current traffic patterns and SEO effectiveness. This information will allow us to decipher where visitors are coming and going from on your site. We’ll then proceed to manipulate both SEM and SEO techniques to influence users to enter from where you wish them to.

Also, Informatics Commerce will diagnose whether your site is up to date with Google XML Sitemap, Meta and Header tags. Another important consideration is that JavaScript and Flash layouts have been properly coded. Improper coding will keep SEO spiders from locating your content effectively.

4. Performance

It is imperative that your page not only draw customers in, but that its mechanical performance doesn’t make them wish they’d never visited.

  • Are your landing pages loading quickly?
  • Is there an easy remedy for less-than-spectacular speeds?
  • Is the site too busy with a heavy use of script or images?
  • Does it appear properly, or are its proportions too wide or long?
  • Should simple coding replace AJAX and CSS structures in order to improve load time?

Optimize Your Landing Page with Informatics Commerce

Consult with us about optimizing your landing pages. We will assess your Landing Page as it stands currently, and then makes suggestions for improvement. Also, if need be, we can facilitate a complete overhaul by providing full-service landing page development and design.

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