Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)
Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

Let Magento Support Services Allow Your Site to Shoot Up to Skyrocketing Success

We don’t screen our customers, so whether you’re a start-up, a local non-profit or a multinational corporation, you’re our top priority. We’ll make sure that the Magento support services we offer are specific to your site’s needs, as well as your marketing, SEO and profit goals. The team at Informatics Commerce aims to provide ongoing, continual support for all of your biggest and most pressing Magento questions.

We get it – your site, as user friendly as it may be, can have its ups and downs, from a glitch in your shopping cart for a slow running website. We want you to succeed, which is why we make it our mission and our passion to partner up with you so that you can reach all of your goals, improve your customer base and reach your biggest aspirations.  Here’s what we can do for you:

Magento ConsultingWhen it comes to increasing your sales, Magento Consulting knows how to target your audience and generate more clientele than ever before.Use this priceless support as the perfect opportunity to answer all of your questions and concerns such as Magento template installation, Magento bug fixes and how to display your customized content to be as user friendly as possible.

Magento DevelopmentThe helpful and experienced team at Informatics Commerce realize that when it comes to spare time, you don’t have a lot of it.  That’s where we come in! We’ll make sure that the development of your site, from day one, runs effortlessly and continues to run perfectly throughout the days, months and years you need us.  We’ll make sure your questions are answered immediately, and make sure that our support services remains to be as specific to your site as you require.

Magento Custom Module Development – One of the greatest features of all are the Magento modules, and the perfect way to target as large of an audience as possible. Plug in all that you need to communicate to your customers, and front-end or back-end, make your site uniquely yours thanks to the flexibility of the Magento modules. Where do we come in? We’ll make sure you continually improve the functionality of your site, and give our input on an ongoing basis so that you’re as successful as you need and want to be.

Magento Custom Template DevelopmentThe Informatics Commerce experts have years of experience with Magento, and know what makes customers purchase your product. And what doesn’t. Show off your enticing products with the pros, and get input on the best Magento custom template development tactics to use. The end result? A pleasing to the eye, highly marketable e-store no one can turn away from, even the skeptic shoppers!

Magento Upgrade Services – When it comes to the functionality of your site, we understand that nothing matters more than the right compatible upgrade for your system. We know that nothing matters more than your site as well, which is why we’ll make you feel like you’re our top priority. Why? Because you are. Included in our Magento upgraded services, you’ll receive monitoring and regular checking of site functionality, third party extension destabilization, upgrade of the development site and much more.

Our Packages

Whether you’re a new or returning customer, the Magento Support Services at Informatics Commerce offer continuous support, tools and guidance that you can’t find anywhere else. Your site matters to us, and the functionality of Magento is our passion. That means you’ll receive the care and attention you deserve from 24/7, 365 days a week’s attention and the prompt return of email and/or phone calls for your biggest questions. You’ll also have access to task tracking from our customer support and an all-inclusive support service. Still have questions? Here are our four packages to meet your site’s biggest needs and priorities:

Support Benefits Available For All Packages

  •  24/7 hardware monitoring and software care.
  •  Attention and care from a Magento support care management team member.
  •  Current and past site statistics.
  • User alerts.
  • 24/7 help support from an Informatics Commerce team member.
  • Customer care via email or phone, and support 24 hours a day through customer care emails.
  • Business support for your biggest IT questions.
  •  Agreements for routine performance service.
  • Engineering assistance, extension and total customization upgrades.
  • Individual, unconditional phone assistance with a live team member.
  • Analytic support, scheduled analytics, Magento search speed optimization and search engine optimization reviews;

Need technical support? The Magento Support Services at Informatics Commerce has you covered. From finding/fixing bugs, to outage recovery and much more we are committed to serving you 365 days a year. You’ll receive routine maintenance along with 20 hours of continued and devoted assistance so that your site runs at its best. For $1,500 and a one-time set-up fee of $800, can you afford not to?

The Entrepreneur startup package is the most package we offer, but not without all of the bells and whistles you need. From fixing/finding bugs, formatting content, partial and full outage and troubleshooting, you’ll also receive 35 hours of maintenance. You’ll also gain access to help desk personnel when problems with your site(s) arise; systems and application support with SLA. Also included in this plan are site monitoring, systems alert, emails when problems arise, and quarterly reviews and reports. Price for this startup package is $2,300 with one time start-up fee of $800.

This advanced plan will give you all the support you could want – with 65 hours a month! You’ll receive fixing/finding bugs, troubleshooting, outage recovery and formatting content. You’ll also receive email support and phone support, as well as CSP issue tracking. Included in this plan is website review, SEO website review and merchandising and reporting. You’ll be able to take advantage of engineering support that includes feature developments and modifications of Magento. Get 65 hours for only $3,500 plus a startup fee of $800.

Give us a call today if you could use 125 hours of support – our best and most valuable plan available! You’ll be able to take advantage of the basics that the other plans offer –finding/fixing bugs; partial or full outage recovery; phone support, email support and online customer service; troubleshooting; formatting content; but additions as well. Enjoy the peace of mind you’ll experience as a result of a dedicated account manager to provide you ongoing support; email and online customer service; schedule based skill updates, customer service portal, website SEO review of your marketing efforts and more. Pay $5,000 with a one-time fee of $800 and receive the maximum security and peace of mind that Magento Support Services can offer.

Contact us today for all of your site’s biggest concerns and customization questions. We’re here to help! Magento Support is our passion, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure it creates a perfect online shopping experience for each and every one of your customers.

Why Do You Need Us as Your Magento Partner? Here are 6 Reasons

Informatics Commerce’s Team Beats Out ‘the Other Guys
We realize that you need to work with someone who knows eCommerce inside and out, not to mention Magento. That’s why we’re the best, and as a result, we’ll make sure your online store is the best. We have the expertise to improve your SEO, product visibility and site user ability. Sound good? Let’s partner up together and make your online business a success beyond your wildest dreams.

We’re Experienced Experts
The experienced team at Informatics Commerce has spent years discovering new and improved ways to make an e-store the best it possibly can be. From Magento module installation to Magento speed optimization, we have you covered..and then some! Trust us — we know what works, what doesn’t and how to leverage Magento to make your store top ranked.

We’re Know What It Takes
There are plenty of Magento support service companies out there, but who can you trust? Trust us – the team at Informatics Commerce that has worked with hundreds of other sites and skyrocketed their success, and continue to. We don’t discriminate against smaller projects either – we have experience and look forward to working with both the big and small, from non-profits to large corporations.

We Don’t Sleep (Not When You Need Us, at Least)
Your store never closes, so why should we? That’s our motto — a Magento support service that loves to fix your site’s functionality issues, add a shopping cart here and there or just be a friendly ear to answer your most pressing concerns. Period.We’re here for you – today, and for as long as you need us.

Allow Us to Help You Grow, Indefinitely!
We love Magento’s unlimited potential. And, even more, we love helping you use it for your entrepreneur efforts. Run your latest promotion on Facebook and streamline your online presence so it’s bigger and better than ever.

We’ll Improve Your Marketing Plan
We’re not a flash in the pan, a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ consulting firm. We’re here to stay, and to make sure that Magento supports you in every way you need it to. The team at Informatics Commerce seeks to build long lasting clientele, from startups to corporate size customers, and we want you to be our next one! As your site soars to unanticipated heights, let us help you get there in record time.

Contact us today! We insist on only the best customer service, so whether you are embarking on your first eCommerce site or your fiftieth, with Informatics Commerce you’ll experience personal one-on-one consultation and support that you’ll never experience before. That’s a guarantee.