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Have Your eCommerce Store Stay A top With Informatics Commerce

Focused, Efficient Ecommerce Platforms per Business Needs

We offer a wide variety of choices and a wealth of expertise when it comes to ecommerce platforms. We distingush ourselves, however, by not distracting ourselves with the dizzying choice of technologies or the promising new trends that shape the ecommerce industry. Don’t get us wrong, we are excited about functionalities such as multi-channel integration, omni-channel selling, mobile commerce, and much more. But rather than layering on the features, we leverage our unique blend of technologies and ecommerce expertise to deliver a focused, efficient solution tailored to the needs of your enterprise.

The Systemic Selection Process

In this process, we first we analyze your market and business. We gather data on the number and variety of products offered, average traffic for both the present and future, and features required by both front and backend systems. Other factors such as budget, product attributes, system integrations, customization, marketing needs, scalability and reporting all need to be considered. Finally, we review the multichannel capabilities you require, ranging from a simple site with mobile-friendly capabilities, or the true omni-channel shopping experience of a large retailer, requiring seamless multichannel integration

Though business needs may be complex, an expensive, powerful solution is not always best. At the same time, however, a fine balance must be met between functionality and efficiency. As such, ECommerce Partners will help you zero in on the choices that make the most sense and select the platform best suited for your business.

WordPress Plugins

This is a popular plug-in that adds e-commerce functionality to a WordPress site. This is the best choice for small retailers looking to rapidly and seamlessly create a successful online store, as it makes online selling and store maintenance easy and intuitive.

Open Source Solutions

These solutions cater to mid-sized online stores that require more sophisticated marketing, analysis, and reporting functionality, but still need to keep entry costs down. Examples include Magento’s Community Edition, osCommerce or Zen Cart. While they require programming skills, they also deliver robust functionality and can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Enterprise Systems

Larger, fast-growing online ventures often opt for Magento’s Enterprise Edition. Their higher investment is justified by the wealth of advanced features and capabilities this platform offers, including Enterprise-exclusive features such as customer segmentation, targeted promotions & merchandising, dynamic rule based product relations, persistent shopping, automated email marketing reminder, content management system, RMAs, backups, roll backs, and strong data encryption, hashing and key management.

High-End Solutions

Do you run a large online retail environment with tens of thousands of SKUS and thousands of orders per day, while managing sizeable budgets and generating multiple revenue streams? Then a high-end solution, such as Hybris or even ATG may be right for you. With these systems, inventory is centrally housed, with the capability to simultaneously support multiple sales channels, including B2C, B2B, and in-store. We can also provide true multichannel integration to support your customers at every touchpoint throughout the sales cycle. Hybris and ATG are also highly customizable, making sure that your platform works for you now and in the foreseeable future.


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