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When it Comes to eCommerce Site Success, Know Your Audience to Leverage Profit

It doesn’t matter whether you currently own an eCommerce store or you’re just curious about the possibility of owning one. A functional and profitable site requires a plan of action, ongoing monitoring and assessment, and dedication in order to be successful. Do you have what it takes to be the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be? Do you know how to build an eCommerce site and how to maintain it for the long haul? Whether your answer is yes or no, consider this your foolproof guide to eCommerce site success!
Know Your Audience
No one can expect to nose dive into a brand new eCommerce site effort without some trial and error. Where will be your error, or your successes? It all depends on your audience. Who will you target? If you are in the retail coffee industry and offer expensive Kona coffee at a discounted rate, you’ll need to spend time crafting your site to be one that will attract not just coffee lovers, but tea lovers, those who know someone who drinks coffee and/or tea, etc. Since not everyone in the world drinks coffee, it’s imperative to set yourself up for success by targeting an audience that knows someone who loves coffee. Allow your product (which is offered at a price that no one can refuse) to be as accessible as possible (and don’t forget the beautiful images of coffee beans to grab their attention!)
Define Your Strategy
So, now that you have your eCommerce site up and running, what’s your strategic plan? What do you offer than your competitor does not, and cannot? And, how will you leverage your unique product/service/etc. to maximize your success as an eCommerce site owner? By using your strengths and your weaknesses. For example, let’s say that you are skilled at being able to beat out your competitors low prices with an ever lower price. And let’s say that you sell many designer brands that no one else in your industry does, or at least, not for the price and in the styles you offer. Playoff on that. Lower your prices once more to hook your current customer base in, and keep them motivated to return to your site, time and time again.
Play Off of Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Now, take a look at your site’s weaknesses. If you are running on a tighter budget than your competitor and don’t have as diverse of a selection of designer brands, look for opportunities to gain leverage within your competition! Don’t think in limited terms, but instead in creative ways that will give you the ability to be a unique site, with much to offer your consumers. Instead of becoming discouraged that your budget isn’t as big as the ‘next guy’s’, remember what year it is. It’s 2012, which means that you have millions of people through social networking that are waiting for your exact Ecommerce business to reach them! Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Connect with your friends, and friends of friends, and strangers, and just by taking advantage of the World Wide Web.
Creating an Attractive Site
You don’t just want new and returning customers to visit your Ecommerce site; you want exposure to an unlimited pool of consumers, and even entire industries. So, how do you acquire that? By hosting an attractive site that will mesmerize the old and young, tech-savvy and arty. One of the biggest mistakes first time Ecommerce site owners make is not devoting enough time, patience and knowledge to the design layout of their site. Is it basic? Does it catch the eye of a new user with only a ten second attention span? Is the layout even and attractive? Pay attention to your overall design, and consumers will pay attention to you.
Your ecommerce site requires dedication, time and the ability to strategize its strengths and weaknesses. At Informatics Commerce, we won’t just give you the tools to be successful, but we’ll make sure to go above and beyond your ecommerce expectations. Visit our blog for free resources to get you started, and work with us to fine tune your site – whether you need to improve a current site or want to build one from the ground up.