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Which CSE is Right For Your Business?

Whether you already know it or not, your business depends on consumers utilizing comparison shopping engines for their purchase needs. Whether you have a clientele that pleases you or one that you would like to improve, comparison shopping engines is a great marketing plan, and drives customers to quickly become repeat customers for your business! Get customers to you the quickest way possible, by providing them your highly visible website that they can’t live without. If you’re new to comparison shopping engines, you may ask yourself: “I’m overwhelmed with the CSE options. They are too many to choose from, and understand. Help!” If that’s the case, consider this your foolproof guide to CSE 101.
Start With These Free CSE’s
Some comparison shopping engines are free, while others rely on paid advertisements. If you’re new to comparison shopping engines, always try the free CSE’s first, and if needed, go on to paid ones. Often, there is no better way to advertise yourself for free than through comparison search engines that bring your products (and their best price!) right to your customer. For the best comparison shopping engines to start with and that will allow you to market yourself for free, consider the following, which are rated on traffic, sales and other key factors: Google, Bing, Shopzilla, Nextag,, Pricetag, The Find, Pronto, Become and Amazon Product Ads.

  • Nextag : When choosing the right comparison search engine for your needs, it’s all about knowing which CSE targets what audience. For Nextag, that means tobacco products, gardening, sports memorabilia and electronics. Does your Mavericks-oriented website need to generate more traffic? Then consider increasing your visibility with Nextag.
  • Shopzilla : Shopzilla targets a specific age group, and predominately over the age of 35. Customers are asked to fill out a short survey after making their purchase, and those results are displayed on Shopzilla, Google and Bizrate. As a result, these surveys are a great way to boost your site’s overall ratings and improve your clientele.
  • Google :As the largest search engine on the web, Google is a great site to choose your comparison shopping engine needs, whether you are a site owner that wants to boost your sales or a consumer that wants to find the perfect item for your search. Google is transitioning to become a paid CSE, so just be weary of what links you are clicking on for maximum profit results.
  • : Don’t underestimate the sites that are less well-known that Google, and other comparison shopping engines. Sometimes, it’s the smaller CSE’s that will allow you to improve your sales and revenue! Consider looking to as part of your marketing technique.
  • Bing Shopping : Many people know Bing, which is partnered with Bing Shopping. As one of the biggest search engine’s, Bing Shopping has had some negative impact on the search engine; however, it’s still free and a great site to become listed on. Why not? What have you got to lose? It’s free after all.
  • Pricegrabber offers site owners a great platform from which to become noticed. It offers a great way to receive clicks as well as traffic, although as far as sales go, you may do better with another search engine. However, the click cost will help you gain exposure, and in the end, boost your profit for the future.

There are many possibilities for your website when it comes to comparison shopping engines. In the end, it’s all about marketing, and what you offer a consumer than your competition can’t. If you want to boost your sales and revenue like never before, contact the experts at Informatics Commerce – They’ll show you the ropes of the eCommerce world, and help you to create a marketing plan through their knowledgeable consultation that works for you and surpasses expectations.