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Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

Your eCommerce Business and Facebook – A Perfect Partnership

Are you ready to take your Facebook page to a whole new level? Are you ready to leverage your social network for infinite eCommerce growth? Your site may generate enough business from its own marketing efforts just fine, but with the help of the new Facebook Offers, you can communicate your promotions, Black Friday deals and specials directly to their news feed. Your most discounted coupons can reach the masses – nearly 1 billion fans and growing – and with the result being that you’ll maximize your eCommerce success to new heights than ever expected.

Facebook Offers are different than the usual advertising route. When business owners get involved with Facebook offers, it’s free. There’s virtually no risk to this new way to reach to customers who need to hear all about your latest announcement or special too-good-to-be-true offers. Secondly, you’ll be able to track the activity of certain campaigns as well as have control over your target audience. Will you choose tween/teenagers for your marketing strategy, busy working professionals who could use your product and the comfort on online shopping, or the elderly? Use Facebook to your advantage, and you can target them all.

Tips for Creating Your First Offer
When you create your first offer, remember: first impressions speak the loudest. Make your promotion one that no one can refuse. Not your neighbor, or your boss, or even your critical mother-in-law. Will your first offer be a product that is 75% off? That sounds pretty good. Or perhaps you want to give fans an opportunity to take advantage of a 20% off product for their friends, and 50% off for themselves. Your call to action matters, so make it clear, to the point and short enough to match their 10 second attention span!
Position your offer at the top of your Facebook page. Studies have shown that eyes dart front and center so make the most of your ad placement so that you can attract as many new customers as possible. With each of your Facebook friends that take advantage of your offer or ad, it will post on all of their friends’ Newsfeed, which is the perfect way to market yourself to hundreds, or thousands of potential customers within seconds.
Make sure your offer expires within one day. No matter how focused your attention span is, it’s likely that your fans need an immediate offer, otherwise they may not purchase it at all. We live in a world of super speed, and what attracts a consumer is the here and now. So make your offer one that is too good to pass up and expires within 24 hours.
Your Email Marketing Campaign
Your email marketing campaign on its own, can help land new leads and entice current customers about your latest (and greatest) product and/or offer. But, your email marketing campaign along with Facebook, will offer you a platform to connect with billions of people – not just your current network of friends.
Before allowing your Facebook clientele to take advantage of your offer, require their email address. That way, during your next email campaign, you’ll have a broader list to build your list from.
Crafting Your Best Facebook Offer
By tracking redemption codes with each purchase bought, you can keep track of the “who’s who” within your customer base. Spend some time becoming familiar with your new found Facebook clientele, and make sure that your entire staff is up to date on every and all promotions. There’s nothing quicker to repel a new customer from retracting her other than a salesperson who doesn’t know what she’s selling.