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Increase in Marketing Opportunities via Shared Photos and Videos

As more and more customers share their photos and videos for public viewing, marketers are finding new ways of using these shares to their benefit.

According to a report released by Pew Internet & American Life Project, just simply within 2013, more than 50% of the adults in the US shared self-created photos and videos using Internet connectivity and most of these shares were from mobile devices such as, iPhone’s or iPad’s.

Pew Internet’s Maeve Duggan is the author of this report and he believes that Internet has brought people’s life events to real time visuals that are posted as they happen. It has developed a new form of social communication.

Types of Sharing Behaviors

Two major types of social behaviors were brought to light by the above mentioned report. One is of the creator and the other is of the curator.

The creator is the originator of the photo or video; the one who snaps a picture or creates a video file. He is also the one who makes the initial share of his digital media on a social network.

Meanwhile, the curator is the person who finds these randomly shared images and posts and spreads them even further, making them accessible to an even wider audience.

Enhancement of Marketing Opportunities

Mobile devices have made content creation and sharing easier and more readily accessible for everyone. As a result, online marketers can use this to their advantage by making connections with new customers and becoming a part of the online photo and video sharing communities. This can help them in determining social behaviors of their customers and understanding them in a better way.

Many eCommerce sites have expanded their marketing to social media sites like Facebook, where they are not only providing information about their products and their descriptions, but are also showing tutorials for using the products or displaying images of their customers as the make use of their purchases.

For eCommerce sites, the source of the digital media does not matter. They will contact their customers as well as other sources to be able to use the applicable photos and videos for their own marketing promotions.

There have even been incidences when people have been contacted by marketers who wish to use their photos and even though the person has never heard of the company; once his photo is posted by them, he will most definitely start keeping tabs on it.

One more way of promoting marketing through photos and videos is to offer apps that allow people to capture themselves in unique images and backgrounds. When these potential clients post these photos, the company automatically receives more viewership in the eyes of the public.

Another means of promoting sales is to offer quizzes, and visual games related to the store’s products. A ‘hidden objects’ game that has the products hidden within it can work well and if any of the people viewing it find a product, the company can post the price and description of it underneath, allowing for additional marketing of the goods.

These are just a few examples of how video and photo sharing have improved and modified marketing opportunities for online marketers everywhere.