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Open Mon - Fri 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (CST)

Digital eCommerce Marketing Agency Houston

Our digital marketing services focus on creating a purposeful strategy that builds your online presence and creates a positive image for your brand. We combine SEO, social media marketing, local citations, and PPC to create a plan that brings results.

Once we zero in on your company’s DNA, it’s time to find out a little about your ideal Clients.

Creating a great business takes more than a good idea and a beautiful site—it takes an intense, purposeful strategy.It’s more than knowing where you want to go.It’s knowing how to get there.

At Informatics Commerce, we pride ourselves on our ability to help clients identify and execute a targeted marketing strategy and web presence for their business.

Once all of these questions have been answered, it’s time for the rubber to meet the road… or, in our case, the surfers to find your site.We’ll develop a strategy unique to you, your company, and potential clients.A strategy that maximizes SEO techniques, referrals, social media integration, and other online resources.A strategy that is cost-effective and offers you the greatest Return on Investment possible.

A strategy you’re with a purpose: to help your business grow.

10 Strategies for internet marketing

Going Social

Social media is the in thing for marketing your business online. We connect you to your customers in the most effective way possible.

Re-targeting Lost Customers

Just Because a visitor clicked away from your website without performing the desired action doesn’t mean you ‘lost’ him/her. Through retargeting, website can get them back to your website.

Supporting SEO PPC

Running a PPC campaign on Google AdWords can provide the support your website’s SEO needs,  espacially in terms of keywords adn ad placement. It will multiply the results you get

BENEFIT From Google+

Did you know Google+ profileare ranked on Google? We can set your Business’ page on Google+ and take it to  the top of the search rankings.

Going Local

The number of people searching for local business on their smart devices is growing and will continue to grow in the future. We make sure they find you when they search for what you offer.

A Site that Converts

To market your business online, you don’t just need a website. You need a website that converts. We thing solutions optimizes your website to ensure maximum conversions through constant testing.

Be Positive

Through online reputation management,we ensure your business receives positive reviles from customers. Even negative feedback is dealt with in away that benefits you.

Ongoing Search engine optimization

To derive long-lasting results from SEO, it has to be ongoing. We don’t just stop optimizing once your site is in the top 3 search resutls. We make sure you stay there.

Cultivating relationships

Build lasting relationships with customers through topnotch customer management. Foster brand loyalty and convert customers into fans.

Get Referred

Social marketing is the key to success online. Create fans of your business who spread the word. After all, people are more likely to believe word of mouth from to stay in touch customers and to follow up-with them regularly via email and other media.

Free Digital Marketing Houston Analysis

Do you have a great business that isn’t getting in front of the right viewers? The most common cause of low ROI in eBusiness is the wrong SEO strategy. Evaluate your online presence with our free SEO analysis report. When you analyze your digital marketing strategy, you can optimize your SEO plan and set out on a path to better business growth. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win with our free SEO report. Explore the endless possibilities for business growth in the eCommerce industry!

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